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Already Gone

You know..

This Sunday marks our 3rd year anniversary being together. I hope you understand why it is so hard for me to accept it in such short notice.

Thank you for the past 3 years. I tried my best, and yet I know I wouldn't able to be the best. You made your choice, sadly I am not the one. I hope you made the right As there is no turning back. There is nothing much I could say. I always wished I had a chance but it is too late to fight. All the best.. Video:

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GOD must be joking with me..

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GOD must be joking with me..


Remember the late 80’s early 90’s movie title ‘GOD must be joking with me..’ with the African guy? That was a good comedy. I still love watching the movie series and think the African has blessing to live a simple happy life. But, when such scenario happens to your life, what would it make up?


Ride been bumpy for me for the past few years ever since I step foot into this adulthood and working in this industry. From a young innocent girl, I had matured so much that I hardly recognize myself. Things or choices a 25 year old like me wouldn’t have made or been through, it seems like I have done or gone through them before I was 25. At 25, I felt OLD.


Some may or may not know that I was in a relationship for the past 3 years steadily with someone whom was my very best friend of more than 6 years. I never dated my best friend before, though it would be nice to finally found someone who understands so much about you and share so many things in common. We laugh at the same thing, we share the same thoughts, same opinion about life and any other things, we both love music and passionate about it, we both share the same interest… and many others. It is very hard to find someone who is so compatible with you. After 3 years, GOD decides to drop the biggest joke of my life.


Literally, it is so comical that you can only see this in TVB Series or some Hindi movies. Just can’t believe those 3 years of my life, I dedicated to him and it all just might not mean anything at all. I always strive to be the best. I worked hard in everything I commit. Nevertheless, this relationship too. I had failed relationships before, so some of you may think ‘Nah, it’s no big deal. It’s not like you never been cheated before or dump by your guy.’. All of those were different I guess. I don’t know why and how I get these instincts or nightmares that would haunt me at night and tells me things like your bf is cheating on you with this girl, or he isn’t in love with you, or something is not right… I just get these feelings, that I can’t explain.. Perhaps it was my Guardian Angel trying to tell me something.


‘K’ once asked me how I knew he was cheating on me. That was a utterly a stupid question to ask. He never treated me good. Even though we were together, but I felt I was just merely a toy. Worst, he lead me to proves that he was cheating on me. Lady’s hair 3 times longer than mine was found in his room, on his bed, his pillow.. everywhere.. and when he started to treat me super nice by buying me gives and such, the whole true colour gave out. I knew it was time to leave.


‘N’ got caught by me with just a simple email. That was an instinct that I can’t explained. I had the feeling when I was in Singapore and when I came back I just needed to know the answer. With just one email, I got all the answer I need.


This, I really don’t know how to explain. All just started off feeling very odd. I can sense that he was hiding something. Something that he didn’t wanted me to know. I cared so much for him. I understand him very well and so do all my exs. Maybe you guys just didn’t pay much attention to me, but if you told me you are serious in relationship. I will be serious. I given you choices, but you picked the wrong choice to mess with. I tend to learn and understand people I am with. It is part of me that I can’t change. It is my nature to care for friends and family. I would put a little effort to remember things and care for them. So when I sense you are not the normal you, I would know something is bothering you. It is not because I know magic stuff or mind reading. It is just that I am more caring and I am willing to learn more about others behavior.


The past couple of months, I found out something I been praying that it would just be the normal him joking. Finally, my nightmare came true. GOD wants to put me to test to go through hell once more with what I had before to test how strong I can go.


When he revealed the news to me today, I was surprisingly calm. It is like the stone that I been carried for months has dropped off my chest. All I need was answers to give myself a closure. I don’t know how others can take it. I don’t know how I will take it. Probably the calmness was just a temporary effect because I was just to stunned, or I have already given up on myself and him.


I wonder how other feels and get through with this..




My boyfriend is getting married and the bride is not me..


To rub it in, he is getting married on our 3 rd year anniversary day (this Sunday)..


F! This is going to take me awhile to forget..

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Oh Gosh!

My Oh MY!

I just realise I have been here for like ages!

I have like 4 unfinished blogs.. all half way written as draft.. geeezzzz

I have to be try come here more often.. Most of you see me everyday on Facebook.. I must say from the first time using it I wrote I hate it.. Now I grew to like it.. My office has not ban Facebook (though they banned Friendster.. weird hahhaha) So it is like practically on every single day during the entire duration I am in the office..

Well, I just gonna do a quick update here.. I been working on a lot of stuffs..  a few projects.. Cant share here yet but soon I will... Soon......

My mind is all over the place now.. Bones are aching like hell.. Brain freezed.. super exhausted... Hasnt felt this for long long time already.. but how do I feel??? I LIKE IT! Yeah it is damn tiring .. I have not sleep for 2 whole week now.. Its 3.30am now and I just got home taken a shower... I suppose to be up by 10am to kick start the day huhuhu working on Sunday... sigh.. I wonder when I can hibernate LOL

I am enjoying the process.. because I am enjoying what I am doing now.. the work I put thru with all my heart.. even though I dont get paid.. I m using my free time for all these.. I do hope it pays off.. I will soon put more info here.. I will .. I promise.. I am saving this for a big blast :P haha

Now... my brain is going to be switched off soon..

where is my pillow.......................

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Good Morning Vietnam!

This are the exact words I wanted to scream out when the plane touched down. I am writing from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, at Luan Vu Guesthouse, a little guesthouse where I am staying. Surprisingly they have excellent Internet service and SPEED!

Way much faster than what I have in my office LOL

Watching too much movies when I was a kid, when I came to see the word Vietnam, I will always remember the title 'Good Morning Vietnam!', made famous by Robin Williams, a comedy film from the 1987. Am looking forward to this whole trip. This would be my first time here and first time backpacking! Came here with my darling friend, Damaris. Both of us girls are just so crazy the moment we arrived here.

Upon checking in, we find this guesthouse quite lovely, quite decent for a small little house with only 10USD per night per pax. In the middle of the city, and walking distance to the famous Ben Than market, where we shopped till we drop! yeah its wrong to shop on the first day but heck we couldn't control ourselves. We reserved some for other days as well.

For lunch, we had this lovely beef balls noodles. Its not that I have not tasted Vietnam Beef Balls noodles before, but what we just had is really deliciois! Real tasty soup with fresh beansprouts, making it warm and nice just for our tummy. Way much different from the ones we ate in Malaysia. 

Just met up with Mr. Wong's friend, Ha Tri Throng. Sweet little lady :D

Anyhow, I should stop for now, as I need to shower since I caught in the rain while returning from the market. OH! Did I mentioned I was on a Trishaw? It was raining so we decided to take Trishaw from the Market back to the guesthouse. A real nice experience, which only cost us 2USD!

yeah pictures to be uploaded later :P

Stay tune for more! :P What I am having for dinner.. hm.. and also tomorrow's trip to Mekong River!

Hello to all from Saigon!

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Lee Hom MusicMan Live in KL Concert Promo

Wow! Came in today and saw my Hubby's concert being advertise here on AnD as ad banner haha.. how irony that I am in here today to blog about his recent visit to KL for his concert promo :P

Yeah yeah yeah I know I blogged late LOL I aint no reporter! haha

My hubby came down to KL on the 7th April for his 'Music-man Live in KL Concert'. I was only informed by a friend of mine, Kelly, just days before the event. Since I am not going for his concert (because I will be in Vietnam that time.. sad...) so I thought I should just go and show my support to him during the promo. Surprisingly the usual gang I would go hang out for my Hubby's event were NOT going! Most of them weren't there for the promo while quite a number aint going for his concert. Reasons were they are staying too far (another state) and ticket price this time around were too expensive (since we don't normally buy normal ticket range, we opt for VIPs which is now RM 600! way way out of my budget), anyway as much as I want to go, but I cant cancel my Vietnam trip..

No gang with me, I did feel bit lazy to go although I know where the promo is being held and its around 10mins drive from my office, I just didn't had the mood. Friends been bugging me to go since they weren't going, and I suppose to 'report' back the whole event.

On the day itself, I was still not in the mood, feeling bit silly having to go there alone and the whole excitement with my gang weren't there anymore. By 6pm, I was still undecisive if I want to go. Kelly buzz me the whole day on Facebook to go, finally at her last message I dragged my lazy bum up the chair and drove myself to Mont Kiara. Since I know the place fairly well, I was able to avoid the traffic jam hahaha Got myself to the venue in less than 10minutes with decent parking right at the door.

Luckily I brought my fan club (yeah yeah yeah I was that crazy when I was a kid, and I am proud member for HOManiacs, Lee Hom's Malaysia Fan Club, and yeah Yvonne, you are allow to loud out loud)  tee along, a quick change in the portable loos (One plus point to the organisers to prepare portable loos) and I walked myself in without having to be in any que to the fan club zone ;)... Maybe a lot of people are not aware of the promo, since it is not being advertise in papers nor magazines, and also the venue held is quite far (considering for those who doesn't have any mode of transportation) and fairly new open business centre. I happen to know the spot because I used to work near by at Desa Sri Hartamas and just 2-3weeks before the event I just went to that place for Tenji Japanese Buffet Supper! The crowd wasn't as much as I was expecting. Normally for Lee Hom's appearance, he would minimum have thousand of fans swamp the venue. This time the place was real small, and I think the attendance was just below 500.

Nevertheless, with little amount of people, the fans still gave all their love and support to their Idol, which can be heart felt by everyone at the venue, especially Lee Hom. Even it was a Tuesday, a working day, quite a number of people waited at the venue since 2pm! Bravo!

After a long wait, finally Lee Hom came in a van. He walked passed the fans but occasionally waved back as he walked into Boston Restaurant (One of the sponsors) to meet and greet the medias, vips and lucky Celcom users. While that was going on, Wen Kang (DJ) played a game with audience and one lucky gal won a pair of tickets to Lee Hom's concert.

At this point of time, my heart beat raced, I knew I can finally get to see my Hubby after two long years waiting! I finally got back my mood and pretty excited (well, not as excited as the fans around me who kept on screaming his name!). Lee Hom got on stage with fans non stop cheering and screaming. Still as charming and handsome as always, but he looked quite tired and occasional lost. Wasn't quite the cheerful and glow as he used to. Probably he just finished shooting a film the night before and straight away broaded a plane to fly to KL for promo. He looked very much skinner than before. Worked too hard! Get some rest dear!

Fans are thrilled to see him. DJ Wen Kang talked to Lee Hom a little about the concert and recent activities. For a moment, he still had the 'Beijing' accent on, he later explained that he just finished a film which features him as a Jeneral in ancient China war time the night before, so he still have not yet walked out from the character. He later sang his latest album single 'Heart Beat'. It kinna sounded funny with that accent haha but truely a good performer, his vocal  was good. I do wished he could had sang a few more songs!!!! I really wanted to listen to 'Everything'

After enjoying his lovely performance, the organisers started bring out the tables and chair for the autograph session. I was fortunate enough to get his album signed and shooked his hands. Sadly words lost in my throat. There's so much things I wanted to say to him, but it got lost as I walked up to the stage.

So here it is, this is what I really wanted to say:

'Dearie! Why didn't you take good care of yourself?? Can you take a break, stop a little while and have good rest.. It's heart breaking to see you get thinner and thinner each time I see you... Really wished I could go for the KL concert, after seeing you sing at the promo, I really sad that I cant go.. anyway Happy Birthday!!!! (an early wish)'

hahahahahahaha there you have it!

For now, I am back to the reality world, occasionally I still do date my Hubby in my dreams :P

Video: Lee Hom singing 'Heart Beat'

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Burn like a lobster

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Haven’t been online here for quite a bit!


Been busy for the past few weeks, and worst for the next couple of weeks. My long awaited trips are finally coming! Yay!


I will be away to Langkawi

Island from 15 th – 18 th April. Despite living and growing up in Malaysia, I have not been to any islands except my birth place, Penang


I am so looking forward to this trip, even bought new bikini too hahaha sadly my diet plan failed.. so hm…. Am thinking now how to look cute & hot in bikini with a belly LOL


I will be off to Ho Chi Min ( Vietnam) in May then Bangkok after that… Will be all travel, travel, & lotsa travel! Don’t worry DG, I still remember you’re coming in June! I locked my June month for you hehehehehe do tell me your travel plans ya!


For the past couple of weeks, I been busy working for a few local Indie Bands, one of them are Frequency Cannon and RadioRabak (Formerly known as KIRI). Been arranging Indie Bands for Groove Junction Bistro & Restaurant. The following are some of the performance clips I recorded with my digital camera (so forgive me with the poor lighting and resolution ya!):


1/ Frequency Cannon @ Groove Junction


  Band, Champion of Blast Off (Battle of the Bands by ASTRO), consist of Vocalist, Guitarist, Bassist & Drummer

They are singing Second Chance, this is the acoustic version so it is more tuned down.

2/ Apple Juice @ Groove Junction


3/ KIRI @ Groove Junction

Video: Video: Rock Unite Finalist ( Battle of the Rock Bands), they have released their 1st album under

4/ Otam & Novak @ Groove Junction


5/ Ash & Ray Trio @ Groove Junction



6/ Senoritas @ Groove Junction




7/ Dinski @ Groove Junction




On Sunday, went to Frequency Cannon’s music video shoot for their single, Rise Above. ‘Rise Above’ just recently won two awards for  Best Genre Bender and 3 rd in Best Rock Song for Voize Independent Music Awards (VIMA 2008).


Took some nice shots of the boys for profiles and production shots. One thing though, am suffering now because of Sun Burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ouch!


The Music Video should be out in two weeks time, so stay tune!

This is the first time ever a music video is being shot at the TUDM Museum, where all the old army planes are kept.


Now enjoy the pictures :D

More pics will be at my photo album ;)

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Apple iPhone Launch

Oh well, since I am at the venue, ain't nothing much to do other than being sub-out as being the AV tech, so I flipped out my laptop for a quick bloggy!

On Friday (20th March 2009), the long await iPhone has finally landed on our shore! Brought to you by MAXIS, the launch event is held at KLCC Convention Centre.

The iPhone you 've been waiting for now comes in 8 GB or 16GB with 3G!

Details do check out apple store malaysia and maxis website.

I been here since Friday, for the 3-day event. My company was roped in for the event video coverage. Pretty interesting stuff here, we have our first local indie iBand! (they uses iPhone to perform their music). David Lai is also here to perform his magic tricks. Dark Vader also come in with his troupes to attack Aniki Sky Walker with iPhones.

I will post up some photos soon, perhaps with some videos too :D

My legs now are killing me.. Having blisters all over my both feets, my left one even had to be bandage this morning because it was bleeding!

I am now type while standing as my laptop is hooked up to the screen switcher and the cable is so so darn short! -_-" that my laptop has to be place on top of the switcher....

Now, time to sit down.......................................

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adidas Original Quiz

I just took the Originality quiz, take a look at my results!
  Take the quiz too! or

  Visit the adidas Originals Profile

Naturally OriginalAt first glance you may seem fairly average, but after two minutes of talking, it's clear that there's more to you than meets the eye. Despite not advertising your originality, you always keep your own unique perspective and creative approach to life. You're equally comfortable in any situation and fit in no matter where you go but you always stay true to yourself.

*Which of the following describes you and your group of friends?We are all unique in our own ways *I am spontaneous and unpredictableOccasionally *When I have to assemble something, I read the directions firstOften *When I'm given a choice, I go with my "gut" instinctOften *I like "well-structured" assignments more than I like assignments that are "open-ended"Sometimes *Pick up to 4 creative outlets you enjoyPhotographySinging or playing an instrumentPerformance arts (acting, dance, etc)Blogging *Which artists do you find inspiring?Norm YipMark Allen *When choosing clothes to buy you are most likely toBuy whatever I want - who cares what people think? *When I say blue, what do you think of?Sky *Lastly, Tell us 10 things you want to do, try or experience before your 60th birthday?having to organise a rock concert overseas with local talents, Travel the world, Bungee Jump, water ruffling, bring local talents ashore, be rich in wealth & knowledge, test drive or race on race track, be on stage to perform for once, have to guts to get married and have babies, work with Wang Lee Hom

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We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things

Wow, just noticed I haven't entered Alivenotdead since Feb 26! More than a week now.

Works been fine but I had a hands full of side jobs to work on, which includes arranging gigs for three bands, that alone took up quite a bit of my time while I tried to focus on my Acoustics Pop Rock Indie Night at Groove Junction. Will post that up in a bit.

For some may know, one of my fav musician/singer just came to shore just last Wednesday. JASON MRAZ totally rocks KL!

Went to the concert with my buddy, Yvonne. We kinna went there early reaching around 5ish afraid of the heavy traffic since it is smack in the middle of the city. We sat in the car for quite awhile, as we haven't seen any crowd coming, while enjoying our view watching a lady and a guy changing cloths in their car hahaha Well, we didn't mean to, they just kinna parked their car next to us and changed.. We got out of car around 6.30pm only to realise that we were in the wrong stadium! Lucky enough the actual venue is just 10mins away by foot. So we walked. Finally arriving, only seeing long ques at our entrance, darn.. our tickets were free standing tickets at the Pitt, guess we wont be any near to the stage.

As usual in any concerts they wouldn't allow you to bring food & drinks inside, I just wonder why can't we take water in as the weather is so hot and we all know we get really dehyrated during concerts especially in such closed environment. We know they are afraid that people might just throw the bottles up and hurt the musicians, so far I have not seen any such acts in Malaysia's concert, we are pretty decent people who enjoys good music and not violence. It is a hot sweaty night, thank god we both were smart enough to be in tee and shorts, I can't think what will happen to me if I were in Jeans.. The air-con wasn't seem to be working at all. Organizers whipped out additional industrial fans but it doesn't seem to be sufficient enough at all for the overwhelmed crowd.

Before the show even started, Yvonne and I were already tired and sleepy due to the heat and lack of oxygen. Every time the sound engineer or stage manager comes on stage, the crowd would cheer. Finally after all the audience got into the hall around 8ish the show began. Jason was just amazing. The moment he starts singing, my eyes just couldn't get off him. His vocals were fine, fine and FINE! The whole show was just so easy and chilling, I think everyone.. heck !not think! I CONFIRMED that everyone at the concert had a GREAT concert! Jason doesn't need fancy clothing, just in a Grey Tee and Cargo pants, he was HAWT as well. Great showmanship. I wished more Malaysian artistes could be like him. It is funny to see him perform as well as he has a lot of expression and cheeky as hell.

Jason and his team were really good in getting the hearts of audience. To show his love to his adoring fans, Jason's horn section were wearing Malaysian Football Jersey, during the encore Jason came out with 'I HEART <3 KL' Tee that drove the fans wild screaming. I think that act is SOLD! Now Jason, you have our HEARTS to you too!


Like hearing his album, I always felt it is such aspiring, lifting my emotions, my heart, it makes me wanna make music with him. All the creativity juice is like oozing out from the brain, my feet just want to dance along with his rhythm. in between songs, Jason slipped in 'extras' that added 'spice' to it, giving fresh elements to his music while bring fans insanely high listening to his music.

The final highlight of the night, was when Jason duet 'Lucky' with Penny Tai. Although their performance were lack of chemistry between the duo, but I think that performance has locked a good image in the Fans' heart. No matter what, it is SOLD!

Almost at the end of the show, Yvonne felt dizzy and uncomfortable. We were desperately needing water, as being in the super-high-temperature-public-sauna, clearly we are dehydrated, especially for Yvonne who hardly sweats. Good enough we have a nice fine lady standing next to us was kind enough to let me take her last sip of water for Yvonne to drink, and later not long after the show ends, the sound engineer were tossing out water bottles to the Pitt, I manage to grab a cold bottle and gave to Yvonne. I surely don't want anything to happen to her, if not I have to report back to her future-husband-to-be hahaha

For news article on the concert, check out the below:

The Star: Jason Mraz puts on one heck of a show


Check out what Jason has to say about his Asia concert tour:

The Indo Endo

He is such a good entertainer.. am loving every single minute of the concert :D

Through out the concert, audience were just singing along with Jason, I think he is amazed that how Malaysian are so familiar with his songs, He has huge fans base here. He should come back again.

Now Jason, you heard me! COME BACK!


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How URBAN are you?

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I find this really funny and interesting… As I was checking my Facebook updates, I noticed a note from Adam, as usual I would click on it to see what’s up. You know how this facebook got those tagging stuff like someone did some survey and tag another person to do it. This been going on for quite some time and I myself been tagged to do it twice, but nothing come as funny as this particular today I read from Adam’s note.


This particular note is about having some of your personal info being searched on urbandictionary, I find the answers really hilarious, so there I go doing in now:



Go to and type in your answer to each question in the search box, then write the FIRST definition it gives you. I guarantee you're gonna find some pretty hilarious results.

1) Your name:


[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]


Hebrew meaning "like God"...michelle's are often Leo's, astonishingly gorgeous, very athletic, dark hair and usually curly/waivy/thick, another thing is that almost all Michelle's have similar noses.


guy#1. "man that girl was hot and good in bed"

guy#2. "must've been named Michelle"

guy#1. "how'd you know?"

guy#2. "..."

2) Your age-


24, The Jack Bauer Power Hour. The most entertainment you can stuff into a single day. Full of twists, turns, violence, and Elisha Cuthbert.

I had all kinds of work to do, but I decided to watch 24 instead.

3) One Of Your Friends-



you are amazing,rad, scene,


Brittany came up to Fred and told him how Yvonne she was


This is not as funny as the 2 nd & 3 rd definition I got:

  • Yvonne

French-ass name

OH YVONNE, That's a French-ass name, YVONNE!


  • Yvonne

To Yvonne is to possess an uncurable fetish of candy while having an irritating upbeat attitude that resembles those of little lolicon girls that you find in anime or hentai.

Coincidentally, you will also find yourself infecting your computer with uncontrollable amounts of viruses.

"Oh crap, I just yvonned my computer."

"Stop acting like such a Yvonne~! What would Kris and Emilio say? Don't you dare anger the mexican christ."


4) What should you be doing-


[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]


A term to describe the tedious and boring indentured servitude that most people are forced to endure to get money. Generally, not a pleasant experience.


"No, I can't come to the party tonight. I'm working late."

5) Favorite colour-


[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]


The hue of the portion of the visible spectrum lying between green and indigo, evoked in a human observer by radiant energy with wavelengths of approximately 420 to 490 nanometers.


The sky is blue.


6) Birthplace-


[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]


One of the great mysteries of life, penang is the predominant (or soon to be predominant) term for a vagina. You know, a pussy. A meat taco. Poonany. Fill in what slang you will; it won't feel as satisfying as using "penang". Penang is more than just an anatomical fact. It is a way of life. Loved by almost all men on earth (and statistically 3 out of every 10 women), It has spawned books, plays, music, not to mention the entirety of creation. Seriously, penang is more accomplished than Martha Stewart post-indictment.

Used most frequently in concert with the ever popular boba, when referring to other equally awesome parts of the female anatomy. May also be used as an expletive, but this should only occur when all other words fail to suffice in expressing your anger/shock/amazement/joy.


"My penang itches."

"Why won't anyone love my penang?"

"Daammn, will you look at the bobas on that girl! I'd like to rock her penang."

7) Month of your birthday-


[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]


a female of wise words. Often regarded as a "panda" person. These types of females are very energetic and friendly, and when you see these types of girls down, you feel down too.


hey, dont feel so down. Thats not very april of you.


[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]


2 nd definition:


derived from a month, used by parents who lacked creativity at the time of their daughters arrival


'gee, i just gave birth, what month is it again?... April you say..'


8) Last person you spoke to-


[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]


Melissa is a Greek name.

In Greek, it means "honey bee."

In Persian, it means "red rose."

The feminine version of "Melisseus", legendary "King of Crete."

In mythology, it is the name of a princess of Crete who was changed into a bee after she learned to collect honey.


Melissa is a princess name.


2 nd Definition:


Hottest girl in the known universe

likes taking it from behind


wow, you look like melissa

9) One of your nicknames:

Ni Ni


Pronouced: Nie Nie

A friendly, yet unsexual, way of messing around with a fellow friend by taking your hand and shoving it as far up into the ass as it can go and then rotating it so that the hole is feeling intense pressure so that it forces the person being ni nied to squeze their butt muscles together and succomb to the host. This is all done with clothes on.


"If you annoy me one more time, I am going to come over there and give you a ni ni!"

"I heard last night that she got totally ni nied!"

Hahahahahahahahahahaha it cracks the hell out of me



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