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The Origin of Hip Hop according to a China man

Just like paper, gunpowder and pasta- the chinese have been there, done that.

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beat 4 battle feature


Beat4Battle TV: UK - EP6 from Yoshi on Vimeo.

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To share my love for skratch Vol. 2

Hi, second installment of my skratch series...

3 Click!!! These combos took me over a year to practise and the key is busting 3 clicks fast, to-the-beat and accurate. I suggest start with transforms first!

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To share my love for skratch

YO! I'm starting a "series" of scratch videos, hoping to share with you my love for Skratch!Each one will be based on a basic technique and I will show the combos based on this technique that I have learnt in the past. I'm doing this to make people understand more about scratching, and share with you my love for it. This is slightly different from posting up freestyles, and I think breaking it down maybe easier to digest.Anyway, the first one will be 2 click flare combinations. I chose a 120/130 bpm beat from D-...Read more

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HEY DJ, FUCK YOU! (funny article from Vice magazine)

HAHAHAHA... True in some ways, but quite a brave/ funny article

Anyone Can Rock the Party

You know that thing called DJing? Playing records in bars or at stupid art openings for money? Guess what DJing is? The biggest fucking bullshit con of all time! People who get over as DJs are making the easiest money ever, because they've convinced every PR person and club owner in the world that they're doing something only a few natural-born geniuses can do. It's laughable. A 70-year-o...Read more

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New freestyle

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Hip Hop is Dead?

Nowadays, a lot of people say that "Hip Hop is dead". I'm sure any music lover or culture follower must have heard this many times or even said it themselves. But what does it really mean? In fact, I mentioned this topic is simply because I disagree. But, I am a fair person and I try to understand the other side of the argument first. I ask myself why would people say "Hip Hop is dead" in the first place? In my opinion, here are the types of people who, I think, are relevant to this topic, and, of course, I include my...Read more

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New Scratch Demo

Hi I just posted a new scratch track I made with Dj Tin Ho and Dj Teddy INC The samples are based on European battle breaks. The cuts are done by us and the last part of the routine is taken from Teddy INC's 2007 routine. It took around an hour to make, that's why it's a bit short. But still, I'm happy with it and I hope you are too! 


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Best DJ in the world... in my opinion #2

It's time for the second part of the Best DJ list. I don't think I'll do one for the jugglers... too lazy, plus in this list there are some of the best beat jugglers anyway. So now I'll talk about the best battle DJs in the world. It's different from scratching because it's a composition of music. In other words, it's kind of like the difference between freestyle rapping and doing a rap song... between an individual dancer and a crew of dancers. The concept is to make a song with highs an...Read more

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Best DJ in the world... in my opinion

you know all the DJ mag top 100, International DJ positions... ever wonder why NO turntablists are included? I guess the reason is you can't compare them like-for-like, because turntablist and dance DJs are fundamentally different. So, I have decided to compile the best DJs, in my opinion, around the world for 1. scratch, 2. juggle and 3. battle. I remember the first video I ever saw was Qbert and Mixmastermike, in the 1995 world final showcase. I fell in love straight away, not with the guys... but with their hands...Read more

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Fresh to Death


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