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Another GODSPELL review


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First Godspell Review

Our first Radio review was broadcasted today - on

FINE Music RADIO - which is actually a classical radio station,

so we didn't expect a great review.

Sorry the quality is not that good - but note especially mention of my character at 4:34...etc.

Ok - I burst into tears allright....just overwhelming....!Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzPYXhFJskk&feature=player_embedded#at=265

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AliveNotDead's Red Bull Flugtag entry

Some of you might know that I designed a "plane" for AliveNotDead's team

ALIVE NOT RED....'s for the Red Bull Flugtag - Hong Kong coming up in October.


Even though the end product might not be exactly the design....I want to urge you all to PLEASE VOTE FOR TH...Read more

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Germany VS Argentina

On Saturday we decided to to the FANWALK to the Cape Town Soccer Stadium for the match between Germany and Argentina. (so did the rest of Cape Town)

Here in SA - we generally don't use public transport - if you have your own vehicle.  It is just safer and much more time efficient to drive yourself around.  So for the children it was an absolute treat to ride in a public train for the first time.........**** On this pic - my two kids with friends of ours and their three boys..........

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It's on the SWC has begun.

What a crazy day we had with the opening ceremony of the Soccer World Cup. 

We went to one of the Fan Parks close by - it was much safer (crowd wise) 'cause the children are still small and I didn't want them to get crushed.!!!!

My camera has drowned......don't ask - Hubby went fishing and had it in the cooler box....which the ocean took off the harbour wall....he dived in to save it - but it was toooo late.  So I'm saving for a decent one......my cellphone camera is just not good enough! Read more

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A Few days in a Game Reserve

I grew up in the northern part of South Africa - which is quite different in climate to Cape Town.

We took a break just after Easter after our busy time with the Musical and headed off to Johannesburg - my Mom still lives in the house I grew up in and I only get to see her once a year.  My Mom and her husband decided to join us as a family and we travelled 2hours north west of Johannesburg into the North West Province and the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve, which almost borders with Botswana.

During the Apartheid year...Read more

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Trip up to Johannesburg

After a very busy first term we took the kids up to Johannesburg to visit their grandmother.

Johannesburg is a very busy, congested city - the largest in SA.  Anyone who's seen District 9 will know what it looks like in parts.

Over the Easter period the Rand Show is a big attraction - it started out as a large agricultural show when I was a child - but has grown into a bit of a glorified "Fleamarket".

The main arena still has some good attractions - I&#...Read more

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Wushu Display by an Official Chinese Display Team and Sanshou King

I flew up to Johannesburg 2 weeks ago to attend the Sanshou King 2009 competition - organised by the South African Wushu Federation.

The Chinese Wushu Demonstration Group, who performed later the evening - though was the draw card for me - and that's why I made the effort to take the 2hour flight up country.....to observe THE REAL THING!!

The first Fight.....

Shifu Ashley Branford from Cape Town - checking the fighters' feet

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10th World Wushu Championship - CANADA - JIA YO!








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1st Wushu Grading

I have passed!

My son and I completed our very 1st Wushu grading this morning.

It was a gruelling 2 hour fitness test - with leg raise combinations, kick and punching routines - forms and general all over fitness testing.

I almost passed out twice - but a fellow wushu team mate - stood behind me - and did her exercises and kicking where I could see her in the mirror - thus pushing me to finish.

I had been sick this past week - so I really struggled with my breathing - but in the end we made it.

On Mon...Read more

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