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Thank you!!!!!!!!

Hello all!!!!!!!!

We wanted to thank everyone, and let you know that  Metro was #8 this week for most viewed Hong Kong Musician/Artist on Youtube!!!!!!

Keep passing it on to all your friends!!!!!!!

Thanks again for the support!!!!!!!!!

Oh and remember our newest album is available on itunes and CDBaby.com.  Just search Music for a Metropolis!!!!!!

Kevin of METRO

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Hello all, 

It's been a while since we have blogged, and we know, sometimes, too many blogs can be a bit annoying, but we wanted to let you know of our new big release. Metro just released their first Music video!!!! We wanted to let you know about it so you can check it out, and let us know what you think.  Keep in mind that we are using this video to promote the release of our newest album on Itunes. You can go to Itunes and search "Music for a Metropolis" and purchase our newest album. So if you like the n...Read more

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Metro Update

Hello all,

KUNG HEI FAT CHOY!!!!!!  We hope everyone has had an amazing holiday season.  Sorry it has been a while since we have updated you, but it has been nice to slow down after Christmas and enjoy time with our families.  This will be a big year for METRO.  We will be releasing our first music video for our first Canto Pop cover, "My Pride".  We are also waiting for Itunes to confirm the selling of our newest album "Music for a Metropolis".  As soon as both of these projects are confirmed and released, you wil...Read more

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Metro Live in Quarry Bay

Hello all,

Don't forget Metro will be live in Quarry Bay for a lunch time show at 1pm on December 10th.  We will be performing in the Via Fiori Gardens, outside 1 Island East in Quarry Bay.  It will be a 45 min free show with Songs of the season, and some of our regular tunes as well.  Hope to see you there.  


Kevin of Metro

Here are some photos from the first day.  Hope to see you there!!!![](/attachments/2009/12/07/15/366475_20091207...<a href=Read more

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We are sitting in our hotel rooms getting ready for the show.  It has been an amazing trip and its only the 2nd day.  Everyone loves the weather.....it's great to feel fall again.  The leaves are changing and falling to the ground.  There is a chill in the air, but not too cold yet.  :) Which is great for me. 

We had sound check for the Audi Gig this afternoon and they loved it.   I think they might just ask us back sometime.  It is an amazing event, with a huge stage that leads down to the new car on another round stage out in th...Read more

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Metro is going to KOREA!!!

Hello everyone,

Metro will be heading to Korea on October 28th to perform for AUDI.  We are not really sure about the details, but we think they are releasing a new line of cars, and wanted us to be there to perform for the event.  This should be a fun event. 

We also found out that there is an a cappella festival the same weekend in Korea.  So we might be performing again on the 31st for the Korean A cappella Festival.  We are waiting for the details, and should be hearing more in the next couple of days.  If ...Read more

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METRO Live Radio Show

Hello everyone,

Tomorrow night October 6th, 10pm, Hong Kong Time (That's 12 hours ahead of Eastern Standard time) Metro will be on a live internet radio show called MClive band. You can go onto UonLive.com to find details. We will be promoting our new album and playing some of our new songs. Hope you enjoy!! Please send us some feedback and let us know what you think of the show and the new tunes!!!!


Kevin of Metro

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What is happening with METRO

HEY HEY AnD world!!!  How is everyone?  We hope this blog finds you all in good health, happy and ready for the holiday season.  We just wanted to give you an update on what is happening with METRO at the moment.  Things are picking up and getting super busy for this holiday season.  We have confirmed gigs here in Hong Kong and one in Korea later this month.  it should be a fun 2 day trip, and we will be spreading our music to another country, LIVE!!!!  We will be performing a lot of gigs from now until the end of the year.  Howe...Read more

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OUr show last night!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so so much for all of you that were able to make it to the show last night.  We can not say it enough, how much it means to us.  I think everyone had a great time and lots of fun.  I know we did.  THANK YOU ALIVE NOT DEAD, for all your continued support.  You guys are amazing!!!!!!!!!  We will keep you posted on when our next show will be, and where you can get our CD "Music for a Metropolis"Until next time,Kevin of Metro 

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Metro's next show "Music for a Metropolis"

Less than a week to go, until our next show in Hong Kong!!! We are very excited, and can not wait to perform for all of you again.  We wanted to pass a little more info your way, so that you don't have to wait until the last minute to book your tickets for the show.  "Music for a Metropolis"  Tuesday Sept. 8th at the Agnes B Cinema, located inside the Hong Kong Arts Center.  (for further info, see attached poster)  The show will start at 8pm.  Also, don't forget to get your tickets so...Read more

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Metro is a vocal group, originally from the USA, but now based in the great city of Hong Kong! http://www.metrovocalgroup.com/ http://www.facebook.com/metrov

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