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Blog: Saturday, Aug 22


Copied from the AnD blog message of Pedro Chaves (to watch the movie trailer see his webpage!):

AnD, Artists and everyone, we need your help!


As you all know during the past year, I've been making the first action-fantasy feature film from Belgium : Reiki The Movie. http://imdb.com/title/tt1201649/

It was shot for 6000 dollars on a record of 10 days, which is nothing if you see that it has several locations a...Read more

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Comic book news

Last week the artist, myself and the person who colors the comic book from my bookseries 'Fantasy Hunters' went to meet a publisher in Belgium of comic books (Daedalus).

They were very extremely enthousiastic about the story concept and found the story idea very original and fit for their publisher.

But... the drawings had to be adjusted/changed. They said that if the drawings/sketches get better, they are interested in publishing the comic bookseries!

Maybe soon I have even better news, but it's to soon to...Read more

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Review 'Dream Terror', part 3 of the Fantasy Hunters series

I just received a very important review from the Library services of The

Netherlands from the third book of the Fantasy Hunters series: 'Dream

Terror'. I tried to translate it as good as possible, so I'm sorry in

advance for the mistakes.


The portal between the Ratio and Emo World provides for an extreme form of

racism in the form of a small group of Ratiopeople looking for non-human

Emobeings to murder them in ...Read more

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youtube interview

A few weeks ago I was interviewed. 

You can find it on Youtube in two parts, but sadly only in dutch:


Part 1:


Part  2:


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Bookpresentation 'Dream Terror'

My thank you speech


Pedro Chaves talked very passionately, humoristic and perfect about turning my f...Read more

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Cover comic book 'Fantasy Hunters'

Yeah! We already have 7 pages of the comic book. Not finished yet, but a good start. We are still looking for a publisher. Maybe my bookpublisher will publish the comic book, but that's nog sure yet, because they are a book publisher and normally not for comic books. Well, we'll see. For now it is fun to see ...Read more

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Blog: Friday, Feb 27

Publisher Kramat invites you to the bookpresentation of  'Dream Terror' from Mel Hartman


Saturday 4th of april 2009 at 11 am

City library Kris Lambert, Wellingtonstreet 7, 8400 Ostend, Belgium



Welcome by Ms. Bourgoignie

Pedro Chaves, director and screenplay writer, gives his vision about the bookadaptation 'Fantasy Hunters' into a movie.

Tisa Pescar, writer, talks about the book 'Dream Terror'

Exposition sketches/drawings comic bo...Read more

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Article in the newspaper about the book that will turn into a movie.

Sorry, people, it is in dutch.



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The meeting yesterday between Pedro Chaves, director and sceenplay writer, my bookpublisher and myself yesterday was a huge succes.

Pedro's vision of how he wants to make the movie out of my book 'The Fantasy Hunters' is GREAT! Just like i pictured it and even better!  I am really curious, because i think it will be very beautifull and spectacular! He hopes to make the movie around 2011-2012, because he wants an excellent quality and because it is not easy to film a fantasy, he needs a large budget.

Soms pictures about the ...Read more

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almost sold out!

Good news.

The first edition of my first book 'The fantasy Hunters', the story that Pedro Chaves will turn in to a movie, is almost sold out!

So, my new year starts of great!




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