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Review 'Dream Terror', part 3 of the Fantasy Hunters series

I just received a very important review from the Library services of The

Netherlands from the third book of the Fantasy Hunters series: 'Dream

Terror'. I tried to translate it as good as possible, so I'm sorry in

advance for the mistakes.


The portal between the Ratio and Emo World provides for an extreme form of

racism in the form of a small group of Ratiopeople looking for non-human

Emobeings to murder them in a horrible way, under the leadership of a

mysterious leader. The original objective of the Fantasy Hunters was the

detection of non-human beings who visited Ratio World, but now they have to

Detect people from Ratio World in Emo World. The leader of the Group has

however a hidden agenda: the total destruction of Emo World by means of a

secret manuscript and an ancient rite. Once again, a strong written

fantasythriller that partially reminiscent of Terry Pratchetts Discworld.

Where otherwise can you see Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and Ron Hubbard, sitting

playing cards in a post Office in Emo World? Emo World leaves many campaign

storylines that are possible in future stories and the writer let see that

she evolves in each new story that is, therefore, better and better. The

plot is less interesting than the magical atmosphere of Emowereld, but that

is the purpose of fantasy.

David Jaramillo Moreno

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Mel how are u? Lik a little bit scientific fiction with sosial emo world... Best wishes for u,, fwei.
about 11 years ago
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Yeah, my books are a mix of fantasy, S.F., humor, romance, .... The other reviews are also very good, but to long to translate in to English ;-)
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