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Cover comic book 'Fantasy Hunters'

Yeah! We already have 7 pages of the comic book. Not finished yet, but a good start. We are still looking for a publisher. Maybe my bookpublisher will publish the comic book, but that's nog sure yet, because they are a book publisher and normally not for comic books. Well, we'll see. For now it is fun to see the characters/creatures and environment of the dreamworld ans the orher world: Ratioworld (see pictures) come to life in drawings!

And we have material enough to make 6 comic books! My first book 'The Fantasy Hunters' will be turned in to three comic books (1. Ratioworld, 2. Emoworld and 3. The Third Dimension). And then there is my second book 'Dreamless' and third book 'Dream Terror'. And now i am busy writing part 4: 'Dream Image'!

Drawings by Nina Bentein and colouring by Kjell Goderis!

xxx Mel Hartman



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mel finally i saw r lattest...hopes all ur work goin smooth..n done well ..cheers from fwei
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
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