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Comic book news

Last week the artist, myself and the person who colors the comic book from my bookseries 'Fantasy Hunters' went to meet a publisher in Belgium of comic books (Daedalus).

They were very extremely enthousiastic about the story concept and found the story idea very original and fit for their publisher.

But... the drawings had to be adjusted/changed. They said that if the drawings/sketches get better, they are interested in publishing the comic bookseries!

Maybe soon I have even better news, but it's to soon to tell something about it.

So, fingers crossed!

xxx Mel Hartman




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Jayson 93 2
Definitely great news! Good luck!
over 10 years ago
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Hmm~ everything still going fine out there? i wishes all the best for u Mel...The most importan stay healthy ya.. cheers, fwei
over 10 years ago
Good luck Mel!
over 10 years ago


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