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Blog: Saturday, Aug 22


Copied from the AnD blog message of Pedro Chaves (to watch the movie trailer see his webpage!):

AnD, Artists and everyone, we need your help!


As you all know during the past year, I've been making the first action-fantasy feature film from Belgium : Reiki The Movie. http://imdb.com/title/tt1201649/

It was shot for 6000 dollars on a record of 10 days, which is nothing if you see that it has several locations and martial arts scenes.

Now, we had a distributor that optioned the movie. Several top people from that company watched the movie and loved it! They loved the concept, all the hard work we put into it, that you could feel when watching the movie. But now, the boss of that company, decided after more than 4 months of waiting, to drop the project and thus no distribution.

The pain is that, since they optioned it, we had to wait for their answer. And because they made us wait that long, we lost a little of the buzz and publicity we had, and thus: now we actually almost have to start over again and create a new buzz.

Belgium doesn't have Independent film, and we are that community, so help us make an Indie Industry in Belgium!

Now we are trying to get as much as fans as possible on our facebook page: www.facebook.com/Reiki


prefix = fb /**[Reiki**](http://www.facebook.com/Reiki) on Facebook

Our first aim is to pass the 1000 fans, and the big one: to pass the 10.000 fans. If we manage to create a buzz all around facebook, AnD, twitter, myspace,.. and get as many fans as possible, we'll be able to get a lot of publicity here in Belgium, and to get back on the roll, and even find some distribution.

But we have to move fast,

so send this message to as much people as possible, post it where you can, just spread the word and help us gather as many fans as possible.

Cuz indie filmmaking is not loved in Belgium by the Industry! Help us CHANGE THAT!


Thank you!

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