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gay rights

Hong Kong lawmakers reject public consultation on equal rights for sexual minorities

Video: http://youtu.be/-mQerHfbv38I just watch a very famous forum in Hong Kong!!!  In this forum, they invite four parties, two parties which is agree to the topic and two parties y is which is against the topic.I found it is so crazy that one party said that they against it because gay is equal to anal sex!!!!  also in this forum, someone did mentioned if you asked for gay rights, how about bi...Read more

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who scared who 誰嚇誰?

Video: http://youtu.be/AeDd61n0Kqs

Hhahaahah!!!!!!!!!  Hahahahh!!!!!!!!Who scared who!!!!!!!even I pee pee on my pants!!!!  but i will punch you first!!!!!!who scared who!!!!!!!!!!

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Sh..Sh..Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I\\\'m an atheist.

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