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so sweet word from Rose ^__^


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Spice Girls forever yeahh!!!!! :)

                                   I am proud to say that a pop girl group  Spice Girlsare part of my youth , Spice girls was formed in 1994 , I was addicted to their songs that time , and until now, like and lot more :) , I loved all of them they're so beautiful and very talented girls .. love you spice girls!!!!   ( baby spice Emma ,sporty spice Mel C,ginger spice Geri,scary spice Mel B,and my most favorite posh spice Victoria !!)                  pls allow me to share here...Read more

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My masterpiece hehe ^__^

         the things I used to make this letter are things that are not used anymore in our house like .. clothespin, empty battery, compass, disposable fork, old cd, straw, unused paper clip, key chain, old cable jack cord, and empty asthma inhaler    I hope you read the word that I've been created, Thank you       

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♪♫ Feel the cool winds of heaven In the blue of your eyes Dreams of you and I together A love we cannot deny Feel the tide of the ocean On and on 'til

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