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Oct 26~ Happy Birthday Cindy ♥

                                            Hi Cindy .. he he ..                                                    I have something to share with you, this bakeshop near me , reminds me of you               ~~► May God grant you all that you desire and may all your dreams        come true on your special day. 

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wow.......... I wish I can taste it too!!!!
almost 8 years ago
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Thank you, May for making a special blog for my birthday~!! Not expected this from you~!! Because of that, it became a nice surprise for me~!! Hoping that I could eat a piece of that bread~!! :)
almost 8 years ago
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@mei, again .. thank you for the comment , yes if only You, Cindy and other gangs are here I will give some treat .. eat all you can hahaaa .. wow that is very wonderful dream
almost 8 years ago
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Hi birthday girl Cindy =)) thank you so much for appreciation , thanks for liking it .. yes Expect the unexpected hehe.. you know what every time I went or visited on this bakery , it reminds me that I have friend from AnD also named Cindy =)) hApPy birthday .. *big hug*
almost 8 years ago
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wow, you're really thoughtful ate mayeth. i like the cindys bread :)
almost 8 years ago
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Salamat Nuz, meron din pala silang branch jan =))
almost 8 years ago


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