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Hélène Tardif

Blog: Monday, Jun 14

Hey guys!

I'm not very active on AnD, but I haven't got an extraordinary life, with party all the time, Drug, Sex an Rock and Roll ( the famous DSR )... I know you can hardly believe it.

And I speak english like... almost the whole french population... very bad.

I'm also a very lazy girl (  always french! ) .


Sing for me Jared!


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I'm Alive ( not dead )

Hey there!

No I'm not dead.

I'm looking for a job. I draw, I write...



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Avoir un chat dans la gorge?

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Deep breath, stay calm, Try and hide those sweaty palms...

I quit my job.

I'm fed up to leave alone whitout friends, family and cats ( I really miss Franz the cat ).

My two librarians friends, said to me that I should make some illustrated books for children. They like my little stories, and my drawings. I wish I could draw and write all day long! Dream and hope are my seconds names.

I need to grow up...




I love those kids!


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Saturday Mickey

Yesterday I was in Disneyland ( Paris ). Mickey is my BBF now!

A cold day but no rain ( yay! ), we waited a lot for 30 seconds of fun. But it was a great day, we've got so much laughs and we made trouble everywhere. Beware! We are brats!


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You run like a girl...

Today is Bank Holiday!

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Bang bang...

Yesterday at 16h23, in the Virgin Megastore boulevard Montmartre, I fall in love with Akino Kondoh.





Sunday with Noisettes!



Have a good weekend!

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It's raining on my crying...

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hey ho hey ho... on rentre du boulot


It's been a long time!

I didn't checked the news on AnD   so... How are you? What's new?

I wasn't dead, not so far! So much work, I couldn't remember my name.  The only things I can say about these last months

I took ( everyday ) : the métro


I bought : a ukulélé


I've watched : the 14th july on my window


and I slept, no photos sorry!


I'm still in Paris, but I planned to move in China for a month on june 2010...

I will try to find an another job after ( I'm so naive! ). Anything in film production? No? ...



 I'm really in love with the new Regina Spektor ( the album "Far", all of the songs )




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Hot hot hot in Paris....... At work I melt and my brain seems like butter under the sun...

We're waiting for the rain!


Sorry for this ridiculous post.


Breizh powaaaaa!





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