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On the Topic of Piracy - Part Two

While my previous post helps me sleep at night with the knowledge that my products are being stolen, do not take my acceptance on this topic as my approval of it.I feel the big issue is that people are simply justifying the topic of piracy. Some like to say, "Piracy has always been around, that people used to record music off the radio with cassette tapes." Sure, you are right. But show me one person back in the 80s who could get 50 GB of music (12,500 songs or over 600 hours of music) nearly instantly off the radio? There were none. Back then, it was less work to purchase it legally. Now, that is swapped. It is MUCH easier to pirate something that to purchase it.Some say, "Well, I will pirate it first, and if I like it purchase it." I call BS! The fact is you and I both know that once they get it in their grubby little hands they will never actually pay for it. Why should they? They already own it!But the biggest problem is, our society doesn't see this issue as a moral dilemma any longer.Would you break into an old woman's house and steal her Social Security money that she lives on? Would you stab a single father who is working to put food on the table for his children in the gut with a knife just to take the little bit of money he has in his pocket? Would you shoot a gas station clerk in the face for the $183.72 cents in his register? A normal person would say, "No, of course not."BUT PIRATING DIGITAL PROPERTY IS THE SAME THING!You are STEALING something that belongs to someone else. You are taking something that someone has put effort into, in the hopes of making a living, and giving them nothing in return. You are using others for your own personal gain, without giving anything of value in return. There is no difference.Creators work hard for what we produce. For me, months and months, thousands of hours of labor, go into a product. And to have someone steal it is to have them say, "I plan on enjoying this product, use it to enrich my life, but I feel your time spent working on this is worth zero, nothing, zip." It is basically them telling me that, while they will get pleasure out of my labor, I can go blow. They have no issues with stabbing me in the gut and leaving me to die in the dirty streets provided it means they can have whatever I happen to be carrying at the time.It also leads to further issues. The fact is, that if I (or any artist) can't make a living at entertaining people, we will stop. I, like most of the world, MUST pay my bills. I MUST purchase food and clothes for my children. I MUST make a living. If I can't do that with the written word, I MUST do that another way.So, the slippery slope we find ourselves in is this: piracy, since those who do it justify what they do, is growing. More and more people who do not see themselves as THIEVES are becoming thieves without the moral hit. As this continues to grow, the pool of people who are willing to purchase products legally  will shrink.This means there will be less legitimate sales for all. This means that many good artists (art, music, books, whatever - I am lumping them all in here) will be forced to leave their industry to pursue a living elsewhere. This means that eventually the only fiction books you will have will be fan fic. Enjoy that!The other thing that REALLY PISSES me off about this is that there are people making MILLIONS from pirating. Not the people who pirate themselves, but the sites that host the torrent links sell hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising - and their product is FREE to them. Others post the torrent links and "seed" the files. They have no costs, and make millions off my hard work.So, sorry if this sounds like I am coming down hard. I just feel that if our society does not start lifting each other up, and start telling our friends how morally wrong it is to pirate digital material, that in the years to come our entertainment will be crap.Drake

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