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Comic-con 2009 in San Diego

Comic-con 2009 in San Diego

 Comic-con, Comic-con. Where to begin?


This was my first year to go to Comic-con, and I must say… Wow!


Wall to wall geekdom! I was in heaven. Unfortunately, as an industry professional, I saw very little (though you will call me a liar as you read this.) Yet, I really did spend most of my time meeting fans.


I was sequestered away in the Magic the Gathering tournament booth, #1031.

 (You can see our booth behind us - Thank you " Thou Shalt Game!")

If I was not at the booth, I was up in the autograph area. I had a blast at both.

(Me in the Autograph Area)

Thank you to all of my fans who came up, said hi, and got an autograph. I was ecstatic that people at the event actually knew who I was. Also, thank you to all the folks who were not yet my fans, yet who dropped by anyway and picked up an autographed copy of my newest novel.


In the booth, I spent a lot of quality time with Magic the Gathering artist Steve Argyle – sorry about that Steve. He was absolutely wonderful! If you are a fan of Magic, and ever get the opportunity to meet him at a convention, do yourself a favor and do so! Also, his art is AMAZING!!! Check it out at http://www.steveargyle.com/.

 (Steve and I)

I wish to thank Herbert Jefferson from the original Battlestar Galactica TV show for all his help and kind words! I will always keep your advice to heart at the many conventions I hope to attend in the future. 

(Herbert and I - Look at the goofy look on my face! I am such a fanboy.)

Virginia Hay, thank you so much for spending time with me. I am such a Farscape fan, that had I not been there as a professional, I would have been gushing all over the place. I am sure we will meet up again at another conference.


For those of you who have never met Catherine Taber from Star Wars Clone Wars, you are truly missing out on one of the nicest people in Hollywood. Thank you for everything, Cat, and be sure to let me know what you think of my novel!


Candace Kita, I am still blown away by how such a stunning woman can be such a huge geek (and I mean that as a compliment!) I hope you enjoy my book as well, and I look forward to meeting you again.


(Candace and I - So tell me, and be honest, does the hot actress/model standing next to me make me look fat?)

I also had the pleasure of meeting Josie Lee. Yet another amazing looking geek! (Josie and I - Yea, I think it's the supermodels that make me look fat. Yea, that's it.)

It was also a great honor to talk with author Raymond Feist. Hearing the words of wisdom from a man who has done so much in the writing world was both a pleasure and honor. Thank you, Mr. Feist, for taking time to speak with me.

Reggie Bannister and Gigi, thank you for everything. It was wonderful meeting you both. Phantasm is still the only movie to scare the bejeebies out of me! Jeffrey Breslauer, I wish we had had more time together. From one Doctor Who fan to another, I salute you! Chris Marie Green, I look forward to further chats in our hometown.

I would like to give a big shout out to Russ Colchamiro, author of Finders Keepers. I have had the pleasure of knowing him for a while now, and what a funny book. I can’t wait to read it in its entirety. Thanks Russ.

And, to everyone else who I spent time with, thank you so much for helping me at my first Comic-con.

I did, however, get about an hour to geek out! And, boy did I geek out. I am a huge Doctor Who fanatic. I was at a booth that was displaying some sweet Doctor Who merchandise. It was here, speaking with the nice gentleman behind the counter, that I discovered that Colin Baker - the sixth Doctor - was at the con! So, I raced on over and met the man. He was most pleasant. A childhood hero come to life, well worth the trip to Comic-con for me. He was also nice enough to be interested in my book, so I hope he enjoys his copy.

(Colin Baker and I – If you look close, you can see the spine of my book in his hand. Yea!)

After leaving Colin, I headed on over and met John Barrowman (a man even us straight guys think is gorgous) and Naoko Mori of Torchwood fame. Since Colin wanted a book, I shove in an extra one in a pack for John. Yet, he never asked about it. Naoko had no reservations, however, as she said she is a big fantasy fan. Enjoy the book Naoko - and continue to taunt John with it! (Actually, John, if you want to get a copy, let me know!)

It was five days of fun, terror, excitement, work, waiting, nervousness, elation. In other words...

I can't wait for Comic-Con 2010!


And for all you Magic fans, in 2010 Lars Grant-West will be joining me!


See you there.


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