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Blogging… I hate the word. As I hate Hell, all things blogs…

O.K., probably not the best translation of Shakespeare. Still, it’s accurate. I write all day (if I’m lucky and something else does not pull me away from the written word), and then I'm expected to write more to tell the world that I’m alive, that I’m doing fine, that I achieved something today? How is that fair? How is that just? This is the reason most plumber's homes have leaky pipes… they fix pipes all day! When they are off work, they want to relax with something that is not work.

At least, that's been my justification for the past few years. But now I have a wonderful PR person, Robin, who is buzzing in my ear, “Blog post. Blog post! BLOG POST!!!”

And if she wasn’t right, I'd just ignore her.

But she is right, so I need to blog. To tell the world that I'm alive. That I'm doing fine. That I achieved something today.

So, while it may be sporadic in the beginning, check back here from time to time. I'm going to make the commitment to jot a few things down when I can.To stop the buzzing in my ear, if nothing else.Drake

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