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the first day

hey guys,

i arrived good at kuala lumpur. it is sooooooo crazy here and i really love it. you must know that i am only here because my father has a concert at the mariot hotel here for the sultan of malaysia. i cannot believe it but the sultan paid everything for us. we live in a suit at hte ritz carlton hotel with over 100qm living space. i don"t know how many rooms we have but i think about 6 or 7. including three bathrooms or four, i dont know exactly and a big kitchen. oh my god, i never lived before in such a luxury.in the hot...Read more

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malaysia and indonesia, i'm coming!

tomorrow i have to get up at 5 o'clock because i will fly to malaysia and indonesia with my daddy and my young bro. during my trip i want to make pictures for my new movie project called "the first step" which shall also include good martial arts scenes. so i hope that we will have a good flight and will come back healthy:) i will post some blogs about my trip to asia and also some pics. so have a nice day, max

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bombay assault

oh my god, my little brother ( only 15 years old) was in bombay on the trainstation two days before the assault. lucky that he is now again here in germany. but i also think about the innocent victims who have lost their lives. and i also hope that nothing bad happens when i come to malaysia and indonesia in december. i pray for all the people, who have lost their familiy members.

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damn, what shall i do?

hey guys,

today sucks. i was soooo happy because i wanted to join a seminar by wushu master wu bin ( the coach of, you know who). you have to know that i work for a company right now who transports ill and old people from a to b. soo today i called the company and they told me that i have to work at this weekend, that really sucks, because now i cannot see wu bin. i think about just to go to a doctor who will excuse me from work. but thats not legal and i already did it a few times.

second thing that i don't like ab...Read more

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my father

today i feel boring ( yes, also because i cannot train because of my injury), so i make a little promotion here on AnD for my father, who is a famous conductor and pianist in all over the world. hope you don't fall asleep when you read this loooong text haha:)check out


His talent as a conductor

struck when he had to direct the choral concert to honour of the president Sukarno at that time in Djakarta (Indonesia) at the age of eleven year...Read more

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hello everybody,

oh man, yesterday i hurt my foot in training during a sparring session. although it was a "pussy" sparring to get warm, my opponent hit me at the wrong place, but shit happens. today i went to the doctor and he told me that i have some blood particles in my bone and shall be carefull. now i have to give myself injections evryday into my stomach. i really hate needles but hope to be back on the carpet soon again. i think i will use the time to read and do all the stuff that i can't to when i am bussy. so wish me l...Read more

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stuntjob:gang fight

hey guys,

on tuesday this week i went to berlin for a new movie called "Gangs". I only know that walt disney pictures germany will produce it and that my wushu brothers such as david török, thomas hacikoglu, stefan morawietz and i have to play a rowdy gang with short hairs, telescope sticks and tattoos on their necks. but anyways, don't sooo serious,  i haven't wrote the story;)

we will see. thanks again to my wushu coach david török for giving me the chance to work with all these cool guys. here is only ...Read more

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Andy Long - Demo Reel 2008 #1

Andy Long - Demo Reel 2008 #1

Andreas Nguyen - Demoreel 2008 vol.1 20 years old from Pforzheim, Germany Stunt Performer, Fight Choreographer, Action Director, Actor, Martial Artist www...Read more

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Test Fight#2: Michelle vs Hong

Test Fight#2: Michelle vs Hong

A test fight with one of our new team member. Took 6 hours to shoot @ Living Arts dance studio. As a beginner, well done Michelle!


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Blog: Monday, Jun 2

Video: http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=BUREB4GWgME a new testfight with andy

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