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I'm in Shanghai now!

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game over and new beginning

yesterday i drove to munich for the german nationals.

i won 1 gold medal in pu dao:)

but in nan quan  and daoshu only 4th place.

why? at the second section of my taolu my dao fell to the floor. what a fucking mistake. the beginning was so good and many people said i could have made 2. place.

the problem is, pu dao is a traditional taolu and although i won the first place only the athletes who won 1. or 2. place in optional taolu can qualify for the world championship.

so what to do now?

tomorrow i will relocate to another city and leave my hometown for 1 year cause i got an internship at a filmschool in ludwigsburg near to stuttgart.

the next  few months i will focus on my wushu basics ji ben gong and my stretching.

but be sure, you will hear from me soon.

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Blog: Friday, May 29

hey guys,

tomorrow is a very important day for me. the german wushu nationals!!!!!!!!!

the last few months i've trained every day so hard for the competition so i hope i can get a good place.

i'll start with:

nanquan ( southern fist)

daoshu (broadsword)

pu dao (hellebard)

the only reason why i've trained is:


so please wish me luck .



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new testfight is online

Video: hey guys,

finally i had the time to edit the testfight i shot in malaysia. have fun and please watch in hd quality:) peace, max

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to all my AnD friends, i wish you merry christmas and a happy new year.

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gogi and indonesian wushu rulez!!!!!


 i finnaly met gogi in jakarta. we had a little shooting with his stunt team, but was more fun than serious:)

after that my brother and i visited his wushu trainings center. we were very impressed by all the gold medals and also by his students, who are very good athletes. thank you gogi ahgain for the nice hospitality, the good food and the hotel.

hope to see you again soon. jiayou

oh, i forgot, right now i am in bali. it"s very nice here but i will post more about it in my next blog.and shit, till now i didn't have the time to post the pictures. arhggggg:)

so till tomorrow. bye, max

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nanquan with jey tong

i spent the last two days with my brother and jey tong ( malaysia national team member). we had 4 hours training, but time wasn't the problem, it was the weather:) ohh, it"s soo hot in kl, i know that in germany right now there is snow and heavy winter. anyways, jey is a very nice guy and also nan quan wang. soo thanks again for the training sessions and everything.

after the training we joined the enormous big birthday party of dr. dato tan sri, who is one of the richest persons here in malaysia and also the owner of the carl ritz hotel and the marriott hotel. my father had his concert at his birthday party and it was all very was like a hollywood premiere, because we walked on a red carpet and everywhere papparazzi, haha.

today we flew to jakarta. right now i am sitting in the internet cafe of the hotel. i dont have much time, because we always meet friends and go for lunch or shopping, so  don"t have the time to upload the photos:( we will see, maybe tomorrow.


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yeserday we shot a fightscene where i had to fight against five people. all the stuntguys were so friendly, the location was good and we had a lot of fun although it was tough work. only problem we had was the time, so we worked nonstop 12 hours. at night i had a fightscene in our hotel suite with hong, a stuntguy from malaysia. again thanks for all the support and the good work. i will post the pics when i am back from asia. see ya guys:)

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