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Mid-Night Post

I had to do an oral assessment today at school, and being the slack I am, just found out it was due an hour before the lesson started... This draft was written in around half an hour, it's got some mistakes but can't be bothered to change it- just thought I'd share :)      When I was 5 years old, I started taking classical piano lessons while also listening to rock music that my dad gave me. From that day on, music has always been a way of expression that has stood above all else. What really intrigued me at the time was that all my friends who played piano seemed to do music just because their parents wanted them to, thus, a barrier seemed to separate me from them. Later on, rock drew me into other popular genres such as punk and metal, so I started playing the guitar and drums. This change altered my perspective on music. From then on, I have developed a hatred for western music theory, believing that it is only useful to a certain extent. It seems bizarre to me as to  how music created by people simply using  a range of theoretical tools could be referred to as ‘true music’. When I was 12 years old, I decide to further expand my horizons by embarking on a journey- exploring more and more genres. Since then, I have embraced genres ranging from jazz and blues to hip hop and turntablism. This gave me a new viewpoint as to the range of emotions each genre could convey and the completely different goals of each of them. Ever since, I have learned how easy it is to gain fame and fortune by using conventional techniques often used by mainstream musicians, and I have learned how hard it can actually be to create music for the sake of expression and unity. I believe that music is expression. I believe that music is a language with the potential to unite the world. - Thank you. peace.

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