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the quest

 tryin to retire from this game, but still it gots me on the wraps. need to wake up this morning at 6:15am for all-day executive training. somehow micro-manage our music matters event preparations for wednesday during meeting breaks. squeeze in some nutrients and water. have a 5:30p meeting. get to macpherson stadium at 7:15p. stretch and prepare so i can play 35 minutes of kick-ass defense and potent offense vs fukien so i can silence all the doubters on my coaching staff who have lost faith in me.

he's too slow. he's too old.  he can't close out on shooters. he's reckless and shoots too fast. he doesn't have the gas. 

7 years, no trust, no respect for me. 

i am all alone on this court. me and my pride. waiting for some faith that, for some reason, after all this time, i have still not earned. 

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Sweetie *hugs* I have faith in you, and I'm sure others do as well...the masses may be cruel, but there's people out there supporting you, so keep your head up and do what you gotta do :)
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
doh, that sucks that they feel that way! =( see you at music matters.
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