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A comeback cut short. After an attempt at a career extension.Was it really cut short?Or have I already outlasted my stay?Was last year's farewell the true exclamation?Is there ever?

I have never believed in fate. Only coincidence.But now, it seems that I have tempted both.No melodrama. I won't ever play this game again.I will never dunk again.Only remember. Cherish:A career beloved.Om.

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doh! it was in the paper!
接近 10 年 ago
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seriously... get well soon! you're more than welcome to come on Friday if you still have some need for some b-ball related satiation!
接近 10 年 ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Oh my! Sorry to see this. I know what it is like to leave behind something you love so much because physically your body cannot do it anymore. I had to take a year away from all flamenco when I had to stop dancing. It was just too sad to want to dance, and not be able to anymore. I'll never dance again, but I loved the music and poetry before I ever put on a pair of dance shoes, and I find I love it all even more than before. I am convinced there is still going to be ball in your life, just in a different form. It took me a while to get over the mourning and be able to embrace flamenco again. At least it was only a year. For art history, it was a decade (a story not worth going into here). Retiring is more than just hanging up a pair of shoes.
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
oh man, that sucks!!! =( same thing happened to dikembe.
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