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Treasure Hunt, Fri Nov 5

Hey guys,

It's been a while, but I have something really cool here:

My new baby 'ask Ting Ting' that was developed with the help of many AnD-fellows will organize a Treasure Hunt event on Friday, Nov 5 at 2 pm

We will start at the Holiday Inn Hotel "Golden Mile" in TST, the rest of the route will be kept secret for now. We are happy that our partners “Holiday Inn Golden Mile”, “Shanghai Tang” and “GODIVA” offered their support and provide some great prizes.

To participate, please...Read more

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Happy New Year 2010

Hey, Happy New Year to all of you out there!!!! Went to the AnD NYE Party....it was great. I got in around 11pm and it was packed. Tons of people happy to party and celebrate. ONly got a few pics but check out the photos taken by the other AnD members......Let 2010 be the big year!-Matt Read more

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Eight degrees below zero (Celsius!!)

I just arrived in good, old Germany and guess what, it's freakin' cold. The runway was icy and the plan struggled to come to a stop...so scary. Yesterday during the day it was eight degrees Celsius below zero. So literally everything starts to freeze when you stay outside for longer than 5 minutes....but is was a great fresh and clean air - a good change after HK air pollution.

I took some snapshots from my window on second floor (in HK I live on 66F)...beautiful, eh?

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Back to the 70s

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Halloween 2009

Only managed to take my own pic while I was dressing up at home....was too lazy to bring my camera to Zuma. It was maybe not the most exotic costume, but believe me I was running around in Mongkok for quite a while before I spotted a handy-man shop selling tools and also workwear overalls......haha. This pic is actually taken by  D...Read more

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The old tram in Hong Kong

Had one of my greatest experiences since I came to HK 3,5 years ago. For a farewell party of a friend we rented a Party Tram. It's similar to the regular one, just that on the upper deck half of it is open-air so you can enjoy the magnificent view even better......oh yeah and the other half is cover and AIR CONDITIONED....welcome to Hong Kong.....we brought our own music and they have a CD player so keep on rocking..... Read more

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Korean sweets

Hey guys, I was in Korea last week and as I was wondering around Seoul one night I saw a very interesting shop on the streets selling sweets. They make it from a block of honey that they strech and mold and toss and turn....finally they make threads out of it (guess it was around 16k treads or so)....I chose the one with almonds inside....I like the taste the best when it is nicely refrigerated.....yummy.Have a look at the pix I took.Anyone had those before?Read more

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MasterCard Luxury Week - Wrap Party

Just got up and thought I'd share some pix from last night's MasterCard Luxury week wrap party which was again hosted by Taubman. It was packed and the atmosphere was quite nice. Please excuse the photo quality....took it with my iPhone which is obviously not really great for this....haha.Read more

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Bangkok rules!

I just had a great week in Bangkok. Stayed there for almost a week....despite the hot weather, it was awesome as usual!

This time I took the chance to see some of the cultural sites of Bangkok...and I was so amazed. I added some of the photos below. One night I when for a a yummy seafood dinner and you can see me working hard on the fish...haha.

Have a great weekend to all of you. Will be on the plane back to HK this afternoon to attend MasterCard Luxury week's Wrap party......anyone going?

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Fun weekend experience

Hey guys,

After many years of taking a break from windsurfing, I went to Cheung Sha beach on Lantau island this Saturday to try and see how it would be.....

I was positively surprised that despite the lack of wind things were pretty smooth.

Hope you enjoy some of the pics my friends took....haha.

(Enjoying a beer before heading into the waters)Read more

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Welcome to my AnD page and thanks for visiting. I will try to update this page regularly and also share my music and pics!

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