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Music for the people.

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Rhymes - Lies = Rap 年輕人,加油!

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He is a truly pioneer on what he is doing, he is definitely one of my inspiration. He makes me understand music is just a media for express yourself, just like painting, sculpture etc. Open your eye and be honest to yourself, do what you truly believe, and work your ass off to make it happen! Artistic and commercial can be happening at the same time. You don't have to sacrifice any of them. People blame him for everything. I will say he might not be a good person, but he is absolutely a great artist, and I really respect that a lot. If you really love music and ar...Read more

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MastaMic接受小龜@Tonick挑機Ice Bucket Challenge,身為靚仔嘅我當然會找數啦。此活動是呼籲大家關注患有肌萎縮性脊髓側索硬化症(A­LS)的病人,籍淋冰水體會病患者肌肉萎縮的感覺。除了淋冰水,小弟亦已捐款給香港肌健協會,另外我挑戰三個人,包括:Big Sammy,DJ FunkB及DJ Mirror,他們要在24小時內應戰。點都好,記住做多啲善事,運氣都會好啲!

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MastaMic Video Blog #48 - Ice Bucket Challenge

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