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  • arhitect= master of knowing how

    Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:38AM / Standard Entry / Members only

    arhitect= master of knowing how

    hahaha, hopefully i can be clothing arhitect one day= master of knowing how to make clothes.

    i just found a book called Geometry of Design that i am quite interested at looking at it, since i have been interested at Geometry in a
    design area. This is something mathematics we could practice in actual life , as the process to understand simplicity,
    mathematics gives things formulated which makes things are more simple to understand reason.

    This book cost $21USD, i was struggling to buy it today. It has quite simple understanding page to explaining geometry in design but
    doesn't quite get into deep. And it really quite expensive because it doesn't have much pages.
    So, hopefully i can found it in BOARDERS.

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