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My matter is God's Matter.

I woke up and felt sadness in my heart. i kept asking God "when" will this suffering end but then deep inside i already knew...

The past few days ive been preparing myself for the NMDP (National Marrow Donor Program) in D.C. on the 27th of this month. There is a huge meeting happening there and they have invited me to speak of my story. I was super honor and knew God had me going for his work.

So as you all know, 5 years ago i had a Bone Marrow Transplant. It was a successful procedure that I'd ne...Read more

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Hawaii, Home, & God

##Hello everyone! Gotta catch up to the blogs of my life...

So lately Ive just been working and saving up to move out soon. Anywhere around the Santa Monica area or as i call it the "Safer area". LOL! Man you guys dont  even know what happen to my friend Tracy, she got mugged in K-town. Phew....after that incident, i didnt want to live anywhere close to there. Most audition are i...Read more

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Love vs. Love

Its been raining for the best 3 days in LA but today it finally had brighten up. Lately things have been hard with work, family, and friends. Its like the more i get myself into my career, the less and less i have time for the people i love. My sister was upset with me because i wasnt able to come see her as i promised, due to a commercial shoot. Things are changing and it seems like i cant do anything abou...Read more

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I love being me, because God created only one of me and i love making him happy :)  I went to the beach and watch Ponyo today with my good friend Billy Ray. Hes the greatest friend anyone could have! So tomorrow we are getting sushi and making more discoveries! hehe but other than that i miss my family and my sister. I cant wait to see her! well i just wanted to say that God loves you and he told me to say that tomorrow will be a blessed day for you all!! Smiles!Love Love Love,Mary Ly

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Deeply Rooted by Love

People need to understand that no matter who comes into your life, never take them for granted. Friendship is the most powerful thing in life because what comes before love? Friendship.  The one, who you called lover, had been planted through a single cell of friendship. What makes it bind together? The laughters, sweetness, and grace into starting “Love”.  See my friends, to know love to its exte...Read more

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The meaning of Love.

So the past few days has been super busy because ive been doing nothing but work and get things done.When i stop to breathe i inhale all the business of life and exhale it to God for a blessing. Have you ever stop to thank God for what he did? Have you ever taken one second of your time to just give a thoughtful moment for him? Sometimes were so busy trying to fix ourselves, our lives, and people th...Read more

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Hello everyone! Today has been a great day! I woke with a great wake up call. I booked a job, got my photos back, getting a car, and going out tonite! :P I mean its little things but im just so thankful to be blessed. Hehehe

Here are some of my new photos, Design by Tracy Hang, Makeup & Hair by  Pakou Xiong. Photos by Phase 5 Photography.

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A Great Day

Today feels better than yesterday! The past few weeks it had been like rain on a dull dead day and i wasn't able to get things through but now God is finally answering my prayers. I get so impatient but remember guys "A prayer on delay doesn't mean its forgotten, its just on its way"  My pastor dad always says that God is just pushing you harder to get the better blessing, even when it seem...Read more

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You know that feeling....

Haven't you ever had that feeling where you knew no matter what everything was going to be okay? Even if the world was at sake and you couldnt do anything about it, you knew you were going to be alright...

So the other day i was thinking and pondering on how much i tried to take control over every little thing in my life so that i wont mess up, but then from being so busy fixing things i forgot about the one thing that mean the most, appreciating life and loving it as it is. I mean No matter what you say or do, nothing ...Read more

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Fresh Start :P

Hello Everyone!! This is so exciting for me because I want to finally keep something updated for my friends and folks! I like this, feels comfortable to speak my mind and blessed to meet great people on here :)So the past few days, ive been going on auditions like crazy because i just got signed to a new agency. But driving in LA is insane! Man i thought my driving was bad, PHEW! I mean either i stayed in ...Read more

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Hello Family, God is Good.

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