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Mission 1

Hello Hello Family :)

Again i need to write more often :) Work had just been a overload and weekends are hardly rest days. I have never appreciate the weekends more than ever and its goes by too quick. Anywho here are some random thoughts....

I have been thinking and i might want to move to Hawaii. Stay with my sister for a bit. I miss her and its the perfect place to not think so much. My mind has been wondering everywhere, making me unable to concentrate. I keep asking God if this was right for me, if he wanted me to stay or go but i couldn't hear him. I've been so confuse and hurt the past months searching for an answer, waiting for a sign, and hoping for some kind of hope. But it didnt come through. My mind was so polluted with thoughts i wasn't even able to hear myself. I was so sad not being able to hear God's plans for me. It felt like being lost in a dark cave with half a candle lit.

My sister prayed for me and i felt confidence again. My cousin Alice came into town, we hung out and talked a long talk, she brought back my faith. But my date with God on the beach made me realize who i was and why i was here. He brought back my life.

Then it finally clicked in my head, all the worries and answers to my questions was right infront of my nose the whole time. I had been praying and praying, asking and seeking, stressing and doubting, that finally God whisper into my ears, " Do you trust me?"

And BOY at the moment, all the storm, clouds, and rain CLEARED instantly. I know it might sound silly but it was the most amazing feeling ever, the biggest relief. All my pain, worries, doubts, and questions were clear to see the road i was going to be taking. I dont need to think about the future because i dont know what will happen, i dont need to think about the past because i cant change it. The only thing that matter is now, today, what God has given me. I had forgotten who brought me here and who i will go back to, Jesus Christ. He had brought me this far for something right? Yes. I believe so and I trust him. I am not the author of my book, God is. I was busy trying to fix things, find things, and make it all work, but in the end it failed because i didn't give it up to him.

People forget how to live, how to enjoy life, and being able to feel free. Letting go of the things we cannot control and giving it up to God shows him how much we love him. Living life as it comes and helping others makes him happy. Planting our seed as we go.

So today I just want to say I Love You all, even if i dont know you. I rather say it to a stranger and make them feel God's Love, then never saying anything at all. You never know who they might be in God's book. As for Hawaii, I might just take the jump, trusting God to work his way around and inside me where ever i go. LA will always be here, but not God's plan. So family, til next time live, laugh, and let God know your happy :)

Your mission today: Smell the Flowers Love always,

Mary Ly

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nice pic!
over 9 years ago
Thanks for sharing this. Your words, what you've been experiencing, feels all too familiar, a carbon copy has been playing out in my own life...accept for the beach and Hawaii part ;D Never have the words, "let go and let God" rung so true. RIght now, I'm working to be content with the path he's chosen for me. And not fighting against Him for my own will but submitting to His. I keep reminding myself, He loves me and wants me to be happy. Whatever plan He has for me is far better than anything I would chose myself... GBU sister :)
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Nice post! =)
over 9 years ago
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Standing at the crossroads is all too familiar for me, too. Thank you for sharing this wonderful reminder:) Beautiful pics! - A.
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Hello Family, God is Good.

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