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Indomitable spirit of Kiyoshi

Indomitable spirit of Kiyoshi
Just got a package from Kiyoshi, a.k.a. the self-publisher of Drunken Master zine and "Prize" comics, a.k.a. Razorcake's "Won Ton Not Now" illustrator, a.k.a. GR's old ad guy, a.k.a., the dude who used to beat me up every issue. He's also my pal, and he sent me his latest T-shirt. The design pretty much ties up every single thing he loves: real MMA, dirty rock 'n' roll, indie comics, and rad horror movies. Well, everything except his daughters. (Will his next shirt have princesses and unicorns?) Muchas gracias, Kiyoshi!

Above: Kiyoshi's "Fight Back!" section on self-defense is one of my all-time favorite features in GR. He and I would pretty much come up with something during the last week of deadline, and shoot it around the GR office/Eric's house the next day. This dumpster was across the street from Eric's house.

Above: I think Kiyoshi burned out on the pieces because he's quite serious about self defense and actually trains. Meanwhile, we would use fun props to depict serious scenarios. In this case, we substituted Kiyoshi's oldest daughter Momo (who was probably 1 or so back then) with Booska. I believe the mace is real, although he didn't actually spray it. This was shot in the backyward area between Eric's house and the GR office/converted garage.

Above: Eric was car-less for a while. When he finally got one, we used it for a "Fight Back!" piece. The car is sparkling but can't outshine Kiyoshi's smile, which I look forward to seeing at Comic-Con. Seeya then, man!

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