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Speculation and a girl-General of the story, that God is on the girl Zuohua built on a mountainside temple, Qi seeking asylum. Long Liao invited 

A carpenter, a carpenter who skillfully use the ax work of God built a hexagonal temple, there are three, all under the eaves hanging Tong-ling, mountain breeze blowing, and Tong-ling BUZZ 

Sound, like that beautiful girl singing, built the temple, dedicated to the Buddha there, the park side of the people have come to Barry pilgrimage, but also attracted foreign monks in the 

Abbot there. After the temple was built, the weather has been, as the incense-ling, so that the new temple's incense has been very prosperous until after the liberation, breaking four 

Old, only to the destruction of the temple, the monks are also inside the severance ... ... 

Walled listen to the memories of the elderly: that year, a team of people, about Qi Bashi's team, men and women and children, have visited Taiwan, Weng Township, 

Where he lived for ten days. Their discipline and affable, were living in the Walled, Walled in, the rich families in Xiazhai. That ten years of residence 

Days, the mountains of their firewood, working the fields, their light a fire to cook, clean the yard, and local people of La Jiachang, eat all the food used with silver 

The purchase of ordinary people, places stockade there are memories of the elderly, when he was seven or eight-year-old children often stay with them a piece of, on one occasion, he saw in the 

Housing firewood next to the pyre of wood, there is a cap bearing the red five-pointed star ... ... The old man as the ultimate guide, the foot of the hill along the river Chinese Pin YinStudy ChineseChinese Courseearn Mandarin Mini ITX

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