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Red Rose

This is a big-Akiba declining trend, in addition to determination of the song is still a high immortal green, the earth is the dust falling on the final green leaves of the call. 

What does it mean for the fall in the end? Fusarium mean it? Or harvest means? In the fall as a symbol of what? Mature, or the beginning of the decline? 

I do not want to blame the fall, I was just in the fall with the feelings of self-gallop in Xiaoyao in territory. 

In a busy forest, the animals roar, in search of food in the wild and nature of the outbreak, denied a gorgeous autumn. There are fields in the Niaoque flopping about, calls, or for the upcoming winter and panic. Partridge in the pleadings, the stream of chasing fish on the surface of Cao Chong, leap frog green lotus born to swallow an insect called twice and jumped into the water, the ripples stirred up an instant-Formation-off. Sheer hiding in the grass a stream of the shore, waiting near the Puzhuo prey. 

The advantage of its gorgeous autumn for the Red Rose sent to the streets of romance. There are far-reaching sky flying 12, of the river boat quietly approaching the horizon. General brilliant sunset in the evening for me in recent tragedy. 

I was running it, or stay? If the stay, I will stand in the fall of the central, rotating at all, was removed. I heartily and Zhang Xiao aloud to meet in the fall. 

In the fall do not want to give up the self-dignity, its own way to teach people to play the melancholy repertoire, whether you love or not love. Like river, the river flow at great speed passed away. 

We have connived with the fall of the fascination of this fall, at a meeting of the contradictions in comparison with the past, look forward to the future. You said you had no choice, or to learn  Learn MandarinMini ITX

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