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Ratatouille #dinnerisserved #ratatouille

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My badass daughter @_aelora kicking it at her job. #leagueofwomenvoters #badass #lovesthegingercat

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My latest short film, "Tonight" is now live. Hope you all enjoy it. Please share, if so. https://vimeo.com/312848923

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Still from my latest short film, Excursion. #excursionshortfilm #newadjustmentproductions

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New Year 2019! #happynewyear

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Whiskers for miles #whiskers #peppercorns #felinefriday

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A little holiday spirit from my IG account @mycoffeemoments #coffee #xmas2018 #nobodycaresaboutcoffeephotos

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Xmas 2018

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VNV Nation #noiretour #vnvnation

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Le Flaneur: A wanderer admires, contemplates, and critiques a variety of apartment buildings during an afternoon stroll. https://vimeo.com/302519632

shortfilm #flaneur #flaneurism #portland

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Mark Roush navigates the waters of video marketing and advertising for companies such as Nike, Autodesk, Intel, HP and many others.

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