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  • Mark Roush has been working in the world of film and video for over ten years and has worked on dozens of projects for companies such as Nike, Autodesk, Intel, Black & Decker, Laika, The Disney Channel, VH1, Hewlett Packard, Wieden & Kennedy, Euro RSCG, Brammo, Icebreaker, and many more.


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    Wednesday, Nov 21, 2007 9:53AM / Standard Album / Members only
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    posted on Thursday, Mar 6, 2008 3:26AM [Report]
    Are you Austrian that i s influence by your country mega star Mel Gibson's MAD MAX?


  • Director and editor by day, screenwriter by night - Mark Roush crosses into unparalleled worlds in both occupations...


  • Occupation:  DirectorFilm/TV ProducerFilm/TV Editor
  • Age: 40
  • Gender: Male
  • Total visits: 53,594

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