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How To Perform Reverse Cable Curls

Almost all of the bodybuilders have a chief goal of working out how to get bigger arms. Despite the fact that every muscle group is important to develop, most lifters put special focus on developing their arms to the greatest.

When a lot of people set out on their journey to working out how to get bigger arms, they have an inclination to only think in terms of biceps and triceps.

Aside from biceps and triceps there is a third muscle group that the majority of people don’t know about and thus they do not focus on it…

The group of muscles I am talking about is brachialis. It runs down the side of the arm between the biceps and the triceps.

You should consider incorporating brachialis exercises to your training routine in order to maximize the girth of your upper arm even though discovering how to get bigger arms. Brachialis exercises help to build big arms fast. It will round out your arm development and assist you to achieve the greatest degree of overall arm growth possible.

From a vast choice of options for brachialis exercises, you need to select the one that suits you best for instance ez-bar curls or hammer curls.

My favorite brachialis exercise is the reverse cable curls and I will tell you how to do this exercise

When standing, keep your feet shoulder width apart and bend your knees a little. Get a straight bar and attach it to a standing cable unit. Use both your hands to hold the straight bar. Your hands should be at a distance of shoulder width.

When you grip the bar, your palms should be facing downward unlike the regular curls where your hands should face upward. This is done to locate the stress on the brachialis.

Now you’ll just perform the movement like a regular curl. The shoulders must be kept down and back while curling the weight upwards and the elbows should not move forward.

In the lifting phase of the exercise try to move the weight as fast as you can, all the while keeping total control. With a 2-3 second controlled negative, lower the load.

Until you are capable of doing the reps accurately, continue the set. I’d advise keeping the rep range for this exercise close to 8 to 10.

What's the proper time to do reverse cable curls? Just like any brachialis exercise, leave it until after you’ve completed all your bicep work.

This is done in order to avoid fatiguing the biceps, which is definitely a bigger muscle group as compared with brachialis.

That’s all there is to it. You can develop big arms quickly if you understand and concentrate on the third group of muscles in your arms. Reverse cable curls done once or twice per week can be very helpful.

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