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fun filled weekend

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I can't believe that the holiday season is almost over...

It came so fast that I hardly felt it...

I guess, there were so many distractions that came by, stresses to overcome...

Anyway, I wish you all a Happy Season of Love and hope...


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confused... I think I am coz  I don't even know what I am feeling right now. being in a holiday season makes it even worst since happiness is the theme

Happy...People think you need to be all jolly & ho hohows but really holidays are overated.hmmm, actually  I am happy right now coz i just read my GG/king's new blog...how poetic, taking out some of my stresses Read more

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keeping my fingers' crossed




 anyways, on to my blog...

I have been feeling rather restless lately with all the physical/med exams that i have to go thru...

I was never the sickly type so i guess this feeling is rather unsettling to me...

am not yet out of the woods but seeing the results without needing to be a doc to decipher the med jargons, i may say that  I m ...Read more

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...hmmm, i am alive not dead. I need to convince myself that I am alive

...its been a rollercoaster of emotions but i guess i have reached my downfall already and so my next stop would be up...and i mean up

...up where i could really feel that i am alive and kicking

...maybe even kick some butt along the way (wait, that's not me)

...just glad to find this space

...hello to everybody, especially to my one and...Read more

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...taking my sweet time ...hoping for His smile ...searching for my place on earth

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