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In a society that emphasizes on beauty, we sometimes envy other people's good looks, and we grew more worried about our own imperfection.

But if we think about it, there's no one life that is perfect, everyone has a lack of something. Imperfections are there in our lives. So rather than fret about it we should learn to accept it with open arms.

...If there are no hardships, we will be complacent 

...If there is no depression, we cannot emphatise and console who are less fortunate

...and if we have everything, what's left for the others?

So don't go around envying others. Count your blessings, even those little imperfections. Having cracks to let happiness flow to others is a beautiful thing...Let go of your worries and keep the faith to the LORD and life will be much happier.

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...taking my sweet time ...hoping for His smile ...searching for my place on earth

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