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my moment

Same time last year I was in my own little world where everything around me brought me joy. I couldn’t care less if I was sleep deprived, not that it was anything different from my real world… I don’t sleep that much anyway. But in there the lack of sleep nor food & drink does not bother me… I was too excited to think about food. My adrenalin rush was on its peak. All I needed was to feel, breathe and live the prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /Taiwan air (well, not that its clean air or something). Being there, away from work and stressed and the possible heartaches to yet to come was more than enough reason to take that much needed trip and of course just the thought of breathing the same air as the lovable four guys we fondly called F4 makes you want to canned the Taiwan air. prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /


Everything there was so surreal…Everything happened so fast. One minute I was line with a couple of friends next thing I knew I was in a pool of thousands of screaming fans in an outdoor concert. 20,000 people were there, how did we ever fit in there? Looking for friends is like finding a needle in a haystack. And yet there was no other place I would rather be. We were practically treated to two shows, the rehearsal and the main concert. I don’t remember staying in one place that night. We were up and about as my King circle around the stage. When the show was over I would have thought that the excitement would at least simmer down but I couldn’t be MORE wrong. The next day’s activity made me more hyped up. Sans the long wait, no food ( I don't have an appetite that day) and hot weather, the Sunday line was the best ever. That very same line allowed me to come face to face with the four gorgeous faces, not that I haven’t seen them, but this was different… up close and personal…Its like seeing them in a whole new light. I was tongue tied half of my stay in stage,star strucked even, just contend on looking up on my King’s face but it didn’t matter.  My moment happened… those lovely little eyes, the smile, the sweetest thank you and the gentle handshake… its all in there. Nothing could take that away from me.


In year 2009, I have said to myself that its time for me to make a step to move on. Past is past so to speak but I needed to make an exemption of my Taiwan moment. My moment in Taiwan was my safe haven…it gave me the strength to get through he emotional roller coaster ride of the past year. Whenever I feel down and down right lonely I get back to that moment wherein my world seemed to have stop and made every feeling wonderful. So until my next memorable trip, I would gladly hold on to my moment… wish to see me there, again!



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...taking my sweet time ...hoping for His smile ...searching for my place on earth

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