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losing one of us~

These were the words of Gil Grissom of CSI in one of their episodes where they “ I was so touched by that episode…misty eyed even. I am such a sucker for team drama (although CSI is not your typical soap yet I love the drama in it)… I do get drawn to their melodramatic life in and out of the case. They were a team…no a family…much like us in the office.

We don’t see each other just as officemates…we were friends…brothers and sisters…

What the CSI team experienced, we are experiencing too but in REAL LIFE…the fun, the camaraderie, the love and now the LOSS.

Yes, we just lost one of our own…a co-work, a friend, a brother of more than three years.

It’s hard to explain how it feels… the emptiness that it brings…the sorrow… the pain.

We are still in the denial stage, I guess. We didn’t know want happened…It’s so sudden, its like a lightning striking our very core…

Going to work is never gonna be the same again…

Yet, we are comforted with fact that he is in a better place now

Well, he’s actually still with us… (in denial or not)

… we still have the memories of his smiles, silly jokes and his love for life. He loved his work, his family, his friends …and we love him just as much.

…he’s one of us and will forever be in our hearts

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ChudiBear II my precous gift from Engr. Eric...I will forever treasure it...thanks Brother!


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...taking my sweet time ...hoping for His smile ...searching for my place on earth

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