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Long time...

Ok... I haven't write in here since June last year  It's been more than a year but not much happened...Speaking about Wushu, in June I competed at the X International Wushu Tournament of Ourense, in Spain I participated in 4 categories: Nanquan, Nandao, Traditional Short Weapons and Traditional Barehands, and got 3 gold and 1 silver.I was happy with my results because this year I couldn't train as much as I wanted due to my exams at university. So to me the results were preety good It was nice to compete in modern Wushu, considering that this time they didn't mixed women and men in the same category. YeY!! Also, recently I received the new that I was preselected to participate at the Worlds with the Portuguese National Team   (yes!!!!!! )Besides Wushu, next month I'll start the masters degree at uni And that's it. No more news...  

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IX International Wushu Tournament of Ourense

Last weekend I went to Ourense, north of Spain, alongside my mates from the National Team to participate in the famouse International Wushu Tournament of Ourense

Last year I participated in Nandao, Traditional Southern Fist and Traditional Short Weapons. But this year my coach wanted me to participate only in modern Wushu so I can get more "rotation". So I competed in Nanquan, Nandao and Nangun.

The results weren't bad at all! I got a bronze medal in Nangun and silver in Nanquan and Nandao  

The other competitors were really good and with a lot of experience, but I am quite satisfied with my performances. Speacially considering that lately I've been in exams and with a lot of paper works to do for university  busy times.

But I am really happy because our National Team got a lot of medals. We had a lot of junior athelets who proved their value

Our next competition will be the Sanda National Championships.

I'll be there to watch and support my team.

加油 葡萄牙

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New wushu shoes! Finally!

My new wushu shoes finally arrived! I received the package I ordered from a store in Lisbon (Kwon portuguese store) at home  It's Budosaga shoes but I am sure they aren't original because unfortunatly they are not in leather. Anyways, this ones are much better than the ones I use and were cheap (25€) This shoes have a thin sole around all the surface to let you feel the carpet and to get a good sense of the floor and maintain better balance. Also this type of shoes is one of the lights shoes out there.

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National Championships 2010

****It's true! This year I competed in 5 categories: Traditional Barehands (Fuok), Traditional Short Weapons, Nanquan, Nandao and Nangun and I get the 1st place in all of them!5 Golden medals! I am really pleased with the training results, considering that the Nandao routine is new, it was created specially for this championship! :) Nanquan and Nandao's routines were the same I performed at the Europeans. My club was national champion by teams because we get more points at the individual competitions (5 points each 1st place, 3 points each 2nd place and 1 point each 3rd place), and we got the cup in seniors and juniors. Competition overcome!

Now I am going to take a couple of days to rest. Since I return from the Euros in Turkey, I haven't reduced the trainings yet.

Then I'll return full of energy because we'll have more competitions very soon!

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