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About Marc Deckter

Marc Deckter is a cartoonist/filmmaker/audio experimenter who graduated from the Division of Animation and Digital Arts (DADA) at the USC School of Cinematic Arts three year MFA program in film, video, and computer animation.

During school, Marc created the stop-motion short Get Well Soon, about a clown that misses his sick friend, a duck, which screened in the 2003 Ottawa Int'l Student Film Festival. For his thesis project, he created an interactive world of singing birds and dancing bears called castleBERDskillz.

A reliable volunteer at the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive as well as a part-time web animation instructor, Marc still found time to publish a comic in Animation Blast, and he even sold a painting of pac-man at the first i-am-8-bit event back in 2006.

Continuing to remain busy, Marc currently works as an animation production manager for Windsor McCay Award winning animation director John Kricfalusi, while pursuing his own independent cartoon projects as well.

Interesting facts about Marc Deckter

Relationship married
Languages Spoken english
Hometown Cincinnati, OH
Location Losangeles
School University of Southern California
Job animation production manager
Gender male
Favorite Music
Favorite Tv Shows Heckle & Jeckle
Favorite Movies Machine Gun McCain
Favorite Books
Interested In friends
English Name DUCK-WALK

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Hi, my name is Marc Deckter and I'm in the cartoon business.

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Hometown Cincinnati, OH
Favorite Music
Location Losangeles
Favorite Tv Shows Heckle & Jeckle