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Slowly the community grew

“ A celebration is always in order for us Bohri’s, be it a birthday, an anniversary, graduation, reaching puberty, anything that is good news and can be celebrated by hosting dinners to share the joy, not to forget a dinner hosted to commemorate a dead person just leaving aside a divorce, there is nothing we do not celebrate. We Bohri’s dine a lot together and Patvelia was a patent starter se...Read more

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than the fowls in the yard

The sentries ran thither, but as they got there, he had already hopped into another corner under a thaler, and was crying, "Ho, ho, here am I!" The watchmen sprang there in haste, but Thumbling had long ago got into a third corner, and was crying, "Ho, ho, here am I!" And thus he made fools of them, and drove them so long round about the treasure-chamber that they...Read more

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drove him out of the house

A certain tailor had a son, who happened to be small, and no bigger than a thumb, and on this account he was always called Thumbling. He had, however, some courage in him, and said to his father, "Father, I must and will go out into the world." "That's right, my son," said the old man, and took a long darning-needle and made a knob of sealing-wax on it at the candle, ...Read more

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The Lighter Side

That beauty is a Salted Caramel Cupcake from Cupcake Crew, who was in my neighborhood earlier this week. Obviously, I haven’t made a strong dieting resolution for 2013.

As Julia Child said, “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” I firmly believe that we all need a little dessert in our lives. Granted, I bake a lot more than most, but I try to keep things in check by having m...Read more

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Weekly Mix: One-Bowl Wonders

I do so enjoy sharing beautiful baking recipes with all of you. I could not be happier to be able to spend my days baking so that I can pass along delicious dessert ideas to my fellow bakers.

Some days, though, it just doesn’t work out that way. This week, I’ve had three baking failures. Three! Failures are bound to happen occasionally, but three in one week seems a little extreme....Read more

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Chocolate Cream Cake

I don’t generally need much of an excuse to make chocolate desserts. But, this is Valentine’s week, so chocolate is not only welcomed but expected Italian landscapes.

When I first found this recipe, I was instantly enamored with all those chocolate-y layers. Just look at them! Really, what’s better to layer with chocolate than more chocolate?

We start with a simple, thin cake flavored with espresso. That’s topped with chocolate whipped cream and ano...Read more

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一個人的智慧,三分靠天賜,七分靠自己。這裏的七分,很大程度上來源於人生路上的總結。人的一生,只有不斷的總結,才能把有益的東西積累起來,然後通過融會貫通,形成一種強大的智力體系。 在人生的仕途中,不經歷摔打與失敗的人幾乎沒有。人生這條路不好走,所以不少的人不經意間就跌倒了。但有的人會從跌倒的地方爬起來,拍拍身上的泥土,繼續前行;而有的人卻總是在同樣的地方被同一塊石頭絆倒,慘遭重創而停滯不前。 其實,人生最重要的智慧在於:在前進的道途中學會總結。因為,總結的本身就是一種智慧的體現。擅長總結的人,定然會在漫漫人生的道途中得以發展,得到提升,這是每一個人毋容置疑的問題。 縱然你是經歷過摔打與失敗的人,但並不意味著你就會成功。只有那些善於從摔打中吸取教訓,從失敗中學會總結的人,才能站立起來,昂首闊步登上成功的階梯。更有一種睿智的人,他們不但善於總結自己人生路上的一切過往,而且還善於從別人的成功或失敗中吸取養料,將其中的精華珍視起來,使自己得以免疫,更快更好地發展自我。 下麵,我們不妨以小王的人生失敗而在後來走向成功的點滴為例,進一步談一談學會人生總結的必要性與重要性。我想,這是可以令人承服的。 小王從學校畢業後步入了社會,很快找到了第一份工作,可不久便把找來的工作弄丟了。後來,面對自己即將開始的第 ...Read more

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