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well,I am back

how nice to be back and see you again! 

        Hey guys,long time no c,how is going on

        well we have a plan to Tokyo  from 17 to 23 Feb,hope to  get some helps

        then during the summer vacation,we also have a plan to Europe.also need some helps.

        Are  there some  who  can help me? call me by my mail or leave a message here.


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welcome back! have a nice trip : )
almost 12 years ago
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Welcome back .. hope you've been well :) It might be cold in Tokyo during February .. be sure to check weather reports and bring proper clothing .. take care :)
almost 12 years ago
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fine. thank you. its getting colder. take care Mantou.
almost 12 years ago


You call me by: 13424300787 & mantou_elvis@hotmail.com

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