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Not so bad...

        I found my health two days ago,not so bad...just no longer to stay on the earth.What's worse,I have many things without realization.I owe my family a lots,and I hope so much.

        However , nothing can help me,just smile to the life . Did I miss something before ? I dun know,actually unsure. But I have 5 years,maybe I can find them,and complete step by step.

        Now I need to cool myself, no matter what. Shall I keep on my study,or get some else most importance to replace? Go with my family's hope or my own self wish....

         Just say,just go I think is better.....Maybe

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Mantou.. what's going on?
over 12 years ago
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e~~complecated... something if you could not avoid it, just enjoy it~~
about 12 years ago


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