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感慨-----sigh with emotion

忙,还是那么的忙                                        Busy, also so busy

累,还是那么的累                                       Tired, also so tired

可是,为什么?                                                And  why?      

为什么我老是力不从心....       Why always out of ability to ambition....


不知道,还真的不知道                     Without know,actually not know

   没办法,还真的没办法                      No way, really far from the way    

郁闷,心不在焉啊!                          Depressed, absence of mind

心不在焉老是使我忘了我的心在哪...    Absence always make me forget my mind...



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Photo 42904
thanks for your translation, it it a poem written by you? anyway i hope you had a good score for your test :D
over 12 years ago
Photo 43083
Nice writing and photos.. especially of the half-moon through the trees ^^
over 12 years ago


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