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EMC Revolution

Ever since the team lost the privilege of using a martial arts gym, it was hard for us to get together and work, train, and film.  But for the past couple of months, we've been meeting once a week and agreed that we need to get back into business.  Our goal is to inspire everyone to achieve their own goal.  We want to show through example, thus creating a new channel on youtube.  Check out the latest video and please subscribe for new videos that will be released every week.


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J RS says :
Cool! I didn't know you guys weren't working out together there for awhile. I'm glad to see the recommitment. You dudes are great!
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Alan Wai says :
Awesome new vid dude! :)
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Loan Trinh says :
I was looking for the "Like" button stupidly haha ;)
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M3ga b8 m3ga
Geat idea! ~ Looks so cool!
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