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I"m sure some of you have heard about POSTSECRET.  For those of you who haven't it's a pretty interesting art project that has been around.  It became really popular, received news coverage and published around 3 books.  (Talk about marketing hehe...)

So POSTSECRET started off when Frank Warren (the author) went out onto the secrets and handed out postcards which read:

You are invited to anonymously contribute your secrets to PostSecret. Each secret can be a regret, hope, funny experience, unseen kindness, fantasy, bel...Read more

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so i was on a plane then I crashed into a building like 911.  Then somehow I did't die and got on ANOTHER plane.  Amusing isn't it? On this plane, something was wrong w/ the engine and I crashed landed and TADA i didn't die again!! haha So i got off da plane and there were fire everywhere, fallen buildings, wounded people everywhere. And I walked and walked and met a childhood friend who in reality, we haven't talked in a long time.  We looked at each other and she showed me a relief expression as if it wa...Read more

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so yesterday we were invited over to my Japanese teacher's house for some homemade Japanese food.  Man were they good, but I was too busy playing wth her grandchildren that I only took a picture of the appetizers hehe

so because sensei's son married...Read more

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I think i'm a freak in so many things...here's proof


i just can't stop buying cd/dvds @ yesasia.  Just looking at the box dropping in my mail is better than receiving my paycheck...wait...lemme take that back hehe.  I just love music and support the music I like ^_^  Here's the latest concert from Boa "Boa LIve", A-nation concert from last year featuring Avex artist and lastest Eason's album

Will review Eason's once I get a good hear, so far it's nice !

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A-mei Chang--Taiwan Music Diva

Alivenotdead community emphasizes in building an artistic community and featuring artists that are already well known to the public or not. So I want to share some of my featured artists (well known or not) once in a while, profiling their road to success and other highlights. 

First off my list and alwayz on top of list is -- AMEI CHANG. I think the young kids nowadays don't really know her so I think it's time to slap them on their heads and show them the difference between IDOL SINGERS & TRUE SINGERS.  ha...Read more

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Belated 6 weird things

sorry i'm so late on dis yulien~ can't really think much these past few dayz.  anyways here goes nothihg

1.  When ppl fall/trip in front of me, sorry, but before i help you or ask if you're ok, i need to laugh my ass off real loud first

2.  Good things it's harder for girls to go bald, cos I'm a hat freak and have more hats than shoes and wear it almost 60% of the week.

3.  I love horror, violent, gory movies and I laugh when I'm watching it

4.  I can't really lie, the best I ...Read more

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Celebrity Worship...

Celebrities...I remember looking up to great singers or actors/esses for many different reasons.  For their talent, their success, their appearance, their style etc.  Never did I came close to worshipping them because I've only linked worshipping with religion.  The dfference is--in celebrity worship there is no God, no principles, no teachings, no bibles.  It's just a person obssessed with a celebrity.  The follower is not consider a disciple but a stalker.  It does no good to the worshipper and to the "God."  Now, wit...Read more

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Virginia Tech School Shooting...

Great to see Alive finally buliding its online artistic community.  I personally think it's also a place to achieve sumthing bigger, to share, spread n group tots of one person, a group, a community, a society and/or the world. Be it artistic thoughts from music or movies or political/religious thoughts from the society around you...it's all about being heard. 

SPEAK UP AND BE HEARD i think is what Alive is all about.

So i'm speaking about the school shooting that's roaming everywhere now...it&...Read more

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All about my life, my beat, my style & my favz. Also rambling about music, movies, artists n media. ************ Feel free to add me if we've talked, my

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