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ok peeps  here's a few pics from Qualicum Beach that i promised.  Rest of them are in da album. So check it out~

In this pic I looked like I crapped my pants haha

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just got back from a short trip w/ my family n friends.  We went to Qualicum Beach which is located in Nanaimo Island...which is 2 hr ferry ride plus a lil less than an hour drive from where I live. 

We spent 3 days n two nights there, n da biggest highlight would be da 3hr cave climbing n touring. Came back out all tired, ached and muddy but it is a new n exciting experience for me.

Anyways, bit tired n hafta wake up for work tomolo so will update everything next blog hehe~~

stick close =)


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sorry for the lack of updates...still has been on da site reading n replying but just not blogging.  Cos nothing much going on w/ my life recently....  Just celebrated my birthday yesterday, had dinner and sang karaoke

Got sum great gifts from friends...really surprising gift wrappings going on, with ballons attached so i had to eat dinner with balloons floating on top of my head... haha.  But ya, i'm not a birthday or holiday person, so all the events or activities were planned by people around we.  I just nvr really like to celebrates bir...Read more

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too much mahjong lately that there's nothing to blog in my life haha~~ last time we played from 9pm -3am... haha

anyways, my friend Rebecca wrote an interesting blog ... about liars and moral standards.  I'm a person with high moral standards and like to be direct in everything.  I dun like to play games...but i know that's not how it goes in society these dayz.... anyways her blog goes sumthing like disRead more

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Amei Chang's STAR (張惠妹 "STAR")

yup the album is released n loving her first hit "If you've heard" 如果你也聽說.  Almost cried when reading they lyrics n enjoying the mv.  Really touching a part of me right now.

Anyways tot I'll share a bit w/ u n since everybody is busy these dayz, i'll attached the short CF so u all can just get a couple secs to hear the voice.  But I 'll attach the MV also for those whose interested. 


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Say hello to my 2 friends who recently signed up to AnD, Rebecca & Janet do bitch at them for not blogging too much haha

o ya ... do watch THE SIMPSONS if u a SIMP fan cos bring back a lot of golden moments and nice to have nonstop humour going on throughout the movie--SIMP style, ur a fan u'll know wut a mean.  If ur NOT a SIMP fan, u mite not enjoy their humour too much, cos its not one of those &quo...Read more

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title is pretty self explanatory, i got my tee n hat in da mail!!

i was looking at bleupleuie's blog da other day n was so excited that she got her hat n tee already.  it was pretty funny cos i when i saw her tee i was like ... "hm... it has the heavenly kings on it... ah.. not bad....."

then the other day i was looking at the pics of AnD crew heading to da anicon and Kevin Li's (from hardpack) tee caught my eye. Cos it has Canto...Read more

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ladies and gentlemen, my computer is fully back to it's shape!

Wow, AnD's site changed so much, i got SO MUCH catching up to do~ ah!!

ok.. got my phots uploaded check those out.. not too exciting though haha

so wut did i buy... hat freak bot a real nice hat in SF! besides that are a bunch of cool tees, pants, etc etc...

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i'm slacking off in updating recently...mainly due to computer problems.  My outlet is dieing...like even with my charger plugged in, the battery is still running.  So dat means, when my battery reaches 0% it shuts down my computer as if there' s someone standing behind u w/ a remote control haha. 

so u can see my SF photo album is still lacking in content.  Those pix u see now are the ones i managed to upload before my computer died on me.  I still could upload my pictures n blog but with the "low battery" sign pop...Read more

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back in da 604 (Vancouver) and it feels so good.  Though it started raining today which is kinda good, been too hot lately anyways.  So how was my trip?

I went BANKRUPT!! wayyyy too much shopping done. I was all over the places ...TIff & Co, Express, Forever 21, LIDS etcetc....we were so nervous coming back through the border haha  I went to most of the places you guyz mentioned...FIsherman Wharf, Pier 39, Ghiredelii (dunno how 2 spell) Square, Westfield Centre, SFMOMA, ....

didn't have much good food though, prolly din get to...Read more

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