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Pemberton Meadows beef striploin @momabistro

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My point exactly...

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謝謝各位的message。 很多人問為什麼我不慶祝生日, 原因: 因為讓給我媽。哈哈

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Congrats to Glowbal for another amazing opening! So good to see all the familiar faces :)

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Second round...

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Running around...

as usual been all over da place so haven't got a chance to blog...main reason is i'm lazy n dun really know wut i want to talk abt lately...guess my mind isn't calm enough to settle down n write haha`~newayzzzzzz.....so here's a early greetings 2 u all in case i'm not up here (but i do come up to read) ~~ MERRY XMAS N HAPPY NEW YEARS!!

See now... i dunno wut to say again...i guess dis yr has been normalish for me, some crap did happen n considered one of the biggest challenges i've encountered...nothing physi...Read more

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wow i haven't blogged in a LONG TIME !! i just had too much going on...first off da normal changes.  I got my

GUN LICENSE & FIRST AID CERTIFICATE to prepare me for being a future custom officer.  I'm not taken yet but just want to get ready. 

around life, in me both mentally and physically...quite rough i would say.  So it was hard for me to sit down n blog cos i didn't even know wut was happening to me.  I'm finallly blog...Read more

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been quite busy recently w/ work, life, n SHOPPING.  My mom's going on a crazy shopping spree w/ me cos she thinks I'm too boyish~~haha She went really crazy on and on abt this topic, n believe me it gotten pretty serious.  So in conclusion, i getting all the things she buys for me FREE so...who cares! haha She just wants me to look pretty rite?! hehe ~


so w/ all da heels, clothings, jeans n accessories my mom bot for me recently,( i think she's going broke haha, i'm so mean...)...Read more

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盆菜 aka Big Bowl Feast

sorry for the lack of updates, just got back from my trip Sunday night and had been busy ever since.  The photos will be coming soon when i have it all "collected."  Wakeboarding and horseback riding was really fun.  Cept that horseback riding really left me a bum ache afterwards n wakeboarding got me a tummy full of lake water n bruises.  Besides that, it was alllll good n exciting =)

In waiting for the photos to come, I just had an awesome dinner at my dad's friend's friend's house.  Those who are Cantone...Read more

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All about my life, my beat, my style & my favz. Also rambling about music, movies, artists n media. ************ Feel free to add me if we've talked, my

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