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maggie blue o'hara
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Life in the big city

Here in Hong Kong..Four years later and very busy. living Full Time as a performer and co creator of our own Theatre Company. Travelling around the world, performing in Arts Festival and Teaching dance, mask, theatre...Life is a blessing.
If anyone is a professional performer and wants to be in theatre sometimes...keep in touch

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The Warriors of the light

Yo, is anyone alive and shining bright in Hong Kong? I sometimes feel like a lighthouse searching with my light over the empty wastelands of the big city...looking for another smile, another bright light to know HK is Alive Not Dead!May we shine our lightMay we share our loveMay we embrace BEingMay we surrender to the unknownlife is a celebration!get up and dance!only love prevails.bella blue

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Dancer, Choreographer, Singer/Songwriter, Poet, Actress, Co-Artistic Director of All Theatre Art Association

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