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different kinds of problems

Video: http://share.renren.com/share/GetShare.do?id=1573108240&owner=231151233&ref=newsfeed#nogo i dont know how to describe my feeling now,angry,sympathetic?the only word i can say is complicated,the pics,one by one,every pic can make u have the different feelings or thoughts.

All of this remind us that many people need to face,help and care for,just the people around us,every child has the righ...Read more

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goodbye my lover


First of all,dont misunderstand the meaning of my title...hah

This is a song,it really touched me after listening to that~~~


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new hair style ~~~~~~~continue

last time i talked about  the new hair style,so i upload several pics

希望不要太丢人哦,明天开始得早起帮表弟补英语喽 Read more

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"fucking" thief

why so many thieves exist in this world??? sb who stole my cellphone today,i  hate u so much!!! never let me see u again

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haiti earthquake

There was a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake happened in haiti on Tuesday this week,which has killed a great deal of haitians.It is reported that the officials fear more than 100,000 people have died.


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an interesting video

Video: http://share.renren.com/share/GetShare.do?id=1431253603&owner=247599708&ref=newsfeed after watching this video,i cant help sharing it with everyone here~~~~


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new hair style

   今晚, 剪了新发型,彻彻底底的短发了~~~终于和留了好久好久的长发说byebye了,变个发型,也是时候变变自己的心情了。




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       人为什么会那么过分,卑鄙,无耻。。。 礼义廉耻哪里去了!!!如果人心都是坏的,那么这个世界还能有什么东西是好的呢?好可怕。


        今天,真的已经出离了愤怒,非常及其以及特别的生气。为了期末考,复习地都快吐血了,额头已经冒了好多痘痘 现在更是上火,估计短时间内不会消下去了~~~~好在所有的科目都考完了,总算松了口气。


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Bodyguards and Assassins


Bodyguards and Assassins,I just watched a short movie trailer,but im sure it will be a good movie,no matter the director Peter Chan(one of my favorite directors) ,or the actors including leon,Donnie Yen,NicholasTse,Tony Leung,wang xueqi, etc.They devoted themselves completely to making the movie better.So it deserves for us to pay attention.

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