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pics in xi'an

These days,im travelling in xi'an,the capital city with historic civilization in ancient china.I seldom squeeze time to surf on internet,so i have to seize this chance to upload some pics~~

the most famous hot pot in xi'an,in fact,the service there exceeds the flavour~~

the second largest fountain of Asian in front of dayan pagoda,of course,the largest one is still in xi'an

yes,thats the dayan pagoda^^

see the two white things,they r real  Buddhist relics(舍利) collected in the second floor,or third floor of dayan pagoda...i forgot..

般若堂(bo re) in da ci en temple,there r the Buddhist scripture translated by xuanzang in Tang dynasty and sculpture about journey to the west this story in it~

here are the sculpture and Buddhist scripture

the typical xi'an food,i have to say,its so delicious~~hee hee


all right,i have to stop here,too late now,yet a lot of pics r waiting for me to upload,and tomorrow i will visit other places,so need rest...

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i like Xi'an
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I'm starving looking at these wonderful yummy food!
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