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Year 2011 - Year of personal growth

This year should be the most exciting year that I had ever experienced throughout the past 29 years.  I dropped out of the banking industry entirely and went to explore into something new and interesting.  This year passed by so quickly filled with lots of happiness and sadness.  Everything became memories and it was just a dream perhaps.  My attitude towards music had altered gradually by desperately wanting it to be my career to now - it could be just for fun. 

I had met some interesting people either a full time musician in the industry or an amateur which brought me lots of unforgettable moments.  The most unforgettable moment was that I needed to accompany the driver to pick up Michael Buble and his fiancee at Mak's Noodle at Wellington Street.  When he and his fiancee and his fiancees' friends jumped into the van, they would want to go to Ladies' Market in Mongkok.  Michael asked me if I could come along with them and I said I would love to, but my manager just wanted me to make sure you guys safely got into the car and I had to head back to the Wai Chai Exhibition to continue with the set up.  Before I jumped out of the van, I told Michael even though I only had 5 minutes, I would still want to come because I really want to see you.  I knew I had this kind of problem - too overwhelming which led to a result of  embarrassment.  I hoped I didn't scare him because his face had turned red after I said this directly in his face.  Haha..this was fun!  After that I hurried back to the venue for set up.  I talked to my manager about this and she said you were the most stupid human being in the universe "Why didn't you just go with Michael because this was simply a direct request from him?".  At that particular moment, I really felt like I was a dumb - I just missed a great opportunity.  Well, I resumed back to normal the following day and didn't feel anything bad at all.

After I stopped composing for many years, these days I could only write very few scattered melodies.  I only had lyrics more often than melodies in mind, whereas before I had melodies and the big pictures quite often.  I am not sure what is going on. 

I celebrated my 30th pre-bday this year by watching Swing's forever goodbye concert at the HK coliseum.  I purely wanted some entertainment and enjoyment, but nothing serious like hardcore jazz, so I ended up being there.  Almost every audience around me, especially for those female ones, were all moved by the engagement + marriage scene of Eric Kwok and Grace Ip.  I felt happy for them, but I just didn't get moved at all.  I guess I just have too many friends getting married throughout this year and more coming up the next few months - you will get numb with.  My eagerness to reallocate to another regions within this planet is greater than getting married.  When I just cared somebody too much, my daily emotion and behaviour would tend to get affected by them.  I guess that was why people saying I had some mental issue.  Some people said that I didn't know how to treasure and cherish the people around - I accepted that in some certain degree, but really I kept talking to myself it was not important anymore.  All I could say is you don't bother to know me well, and no matter how hard I try and how much I want to get along with some people, I still get stereotyped.  If you want to judge me from my past, ok go ahead.  In this case, why don't we just keep a comfortable distance from each other?

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